Eat Ice Cream Again Without Tooth Sensitivity

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with One2One Network and Crest.

I have sensitive teeth, so anything cold against those sensitive spots sends instant electric shocks of pain deep into my teeth. It’s disruptive enough that I have learned coping behaviors to avoid the pain. I prefer to drink cold drinks with a straw, and I like my ice cream in a spoonable form, rather than an ice cream bar that I’d have to bite into.

And I’m not alone: it’s estimated that over 33 million households have dental hypersensitivity, with women tending to suffer from sensitive teeth more than men. That’s a lot of people having mild to severe pain due to everyday factors like eating cold, hot, or sweet foods, or even having cold air hit their teeth. Thankfully, my pain is still relatively mild compared to some. It’s not pleasant, but it’s also not long-lasting when it happens.

I recently had the chance to attend a meeting with Dr. Robert Gerlach, a Research Fellow with Proctor and Gamble, and Dr. Travis Stork, Emmy® nominated TV host of The Doctors and board-certified emergency medicine physician. They discussed the causes of dental hypersensitivity, the current products to treat it, and the latest product from Crest that promises to provide greater relief to hypersensitivity sufferers. [Continue reading...]

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