Yes, I WANT My Child to Walk!

At my job, I have a few pictures of my daughter on my desk. When I meet with students, I often get so many comments on Cordelia’s pictures. Many of these students are non-traditional, older students with children or grandchildren of their own. Which means I often go through the following conversation at least twice a day:

Student: Oh, your daughter is so cute! How old is she?
Me: She’s currently 14 months old.
Student: Awww! Is she walking yet?
Me: Well, she can take a few steps at a time, but hasn’t mastered it yet. We can’t wait to see her walk.
Student: (with big grin) Oh, you’ll soon be wishing that she was just
crawling! Once she starts walking everywhere, it’s gonna be soooooo much harder
on you! Then you’ll regret it!
Me: (mumbling) Shut the hell up.

This exchange also happens often with our extended family, friends, and even strangers on the street. And. I. HATE. It.

We had to endure two months of a similar conversation just before Cordy started crawling. But you know what? I didn’t wish that she would go back to not crawling – I never wished that! Why? Because she was not a happy stationary baby. Oh no, she could sit up, but she really wanted to move. If I walked more than two steps away from her, she would wail because she realized she couldn’t follow me. If she saw something interesting just out of reach, she’d scream because she couldn’t get to it.

So I thanked every deity I could the day she crawled for the first time (July 2 – it was such a happy day I have it burned into my memory). And I fully expect to do the same when she starts choosing to walk more than crawl.

Once she starts walking, she will be able to do so much more. Yes, she’ll be able to get into more trouble, sure, but at least I won’t be dealing with wails of protest when I won’t put her down because I don’t want her crawling in dirty areas. If she can walk, I can let her roam around wearing shoes, not as concerned with stained pant knees or hands crawling through who-knows-what-ick. She will be able to move while holding things in her hands, which I know will be one of the more happier moments in her short life thus far.

So please don’t tell me I’m going to regret it when my daughter starts walking. On that day I plan to celebrate her accomplishment with her, as we explore our world from a whole new vantage point.

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  1. I’ve heard that about 600 times too.

  2. My son is almost 10 months old and crawling and I hear it all the time that I “really dont want him to walk” and that “it will be so much harder.” Yes, I admit, it got tougher when he started crawling. I had to chase him around everywhere but I really am sick of hearing it. Its so negative.

  3. I can really agree with this. My daughter is almost 17 months old, and WILL NOT WALK! I think people say it to make us feel better, but I too want my daughter to walk. As moms we want to see our children happy and in some ways independent.

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