Can You Feel the Love?

Queen of Spain is having another induction into the Order of Saint Anne, and this month’s theme is love. She’s looking for photo posts that show what love is to each person.

My entry for the month has to be this one:

This was early on, when Cordy was still in her colicky, screaming-or-sleeping stage. While most babies this age slept for semi-long stretches, we were lucky to get a half hour to an hour out of her at a time.

Aaron had taken a turn with her, dealing with her crying so I could get some rest. He finally got her calmed down, and I walked into the living room to see this scene. At that moment my heart felt like it was going to burst: the two people in this world that I loved the most, snuggled together in peace. It took all of my self-control to quietly snap a picture and not disturb them by my desire to hug them tight.

Everything about this picture makes me smile; the look of exhaustion on Aaron’s face (we were both so tired back then), Cordelia’s delicate features, and Aaron’s arm gently covering her, as if he’s protecting her from the rest of the world.


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  1. There seriously is nothing better than a Daddy with baby photo. Melts me.

  2. this is adorable……

  3. soooo sweet!

  4. How beautiful!!

  5. Oh, I remember those days well. Because my daughter was so colicky too, I treasure the few sleeping pictures I have of her. Keep this one in a safe place so you can remind yourself that, yes, she did sleep from time to time!

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