My Daughter is Mindy from Animaniacs

This morning:

Me: Cordy, are you ever gonna call me mom, mommy or mama?

Cordy: Noooo

(As an aside, she has only said the word “no” about three times ever. Four if you count the “noooo” she gave Aaron later this morning when he asked her, “Can I have a hug?”)

It won’t be long until she’ll be saying, “OK, lady, I love you! Bye-bye!”

I don’t get it. Isn’t “mama” one of the first words a kid says? She’s got “dadeeeee!” down and uses it often. But I have no name to her. I’m the lady who she shoves her sippy cup at for a drink.

At this point, I wouldn’t even care if she called me “lady”. Am I not deserving of some kind of title from her? Do I not rank up there with “Dadeeee”? The cats have their name (Kiiii!), and she’s even spoken her first non-relative name (Dave – the significant other of my friend and Cordy’s babysitter Lisa). When do I get my label announcing my importance to her?

While sitting here typing, I just asked her, “Cordy, who am I?” and pointed to myself. She responded by laughing at me, then handed me her sippy cup.


Edited to add: I was just reading Sweet Juniper, and Cordy pointed to the picture of Juniper and said “BAbeee!” Damn. Now people on the internet are getting names from her before me.

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  1. Honey, I didn’t hear mama until she started screaming it a few months ago from her room at 3am.

    It will come, don’t worry.

  2. Hee! Hey laadeeee!

    Once she starts, she’ll be following you around the house saying it non-stop. LOL!

    I know it can be frustrating though. I had one that took awhile to get the “Momma” thing down.

  3. In a way it is the Ultimate (Most Infuriating) Compliment Ever. Dontyathink?

    You are so important you do not need to be named, like others. Or soemthing like that!

  4. You don’t need a name because you are PART of her, even if at the moment it’s just the part that quenches thirst…it will happen, but when those days come when all she says is “mum mum mum mum mum mum” come and read this post and remind yourself of the alternative!

  5. Oh, I remember that with my oldest. I would practice it with him for ages:
    Me: Mama!
    Isaac: Dada
    Me: No, Ma-ma!
    Isaac: doo doo do
    Me: Mama, mama, mama
    Isaac: Dada!!

    And so on.
    But don’t worry, like everyone else said, it will come!

  6. I just linked to thise through your Wiggles post today. It struck a chord. My 4 y.o. didn’t call me mom/mommy/mama or even “hey lady!” until she was 2.5. That’s right. TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD.

    My name is Karen, and she called me K. Everyone said that she must have heard her father calling me by my first name and she was imitating him. But even HE only called me “mommy” after she was born…and that’s a whole other kettle of fish to fry.

    When did I finally get Mommy? When we brought her brother home from the hospital. I think she figured she ahd to ante up or we’d toss her out in favor of the new guy.

    **woops! sorry long comment!**

  7. Anonymous says:

    my daughter is two and she only calls me dada, which I’m scared will never change, I mean it probably will, right? But I’m starting to loose hope. In turn her dad feels hurt cause he thinks she doesn’t actually think he’s her dad, any suggestions?

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