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As of tomorrow I will be posting from Virginia Beach for the weekend. Aaron has to go to Regents College for a stage-combat workshop, and I’m tagging along. My mom has once again proven to be Super Grandma and offered to stay at our house with Cordelia for the weekend. It’ll be nice to have child-free nights!

Aaron won’t get to see the area much, but I intend to be out and about sightseeing each day. Anyone live near Virginia Beach?

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  1. My sister in law does and its beautiful. Enjoy your trip and stop by Hampton, lots of cute shops and bars.

  2. Hello there, just stumbled onto your blog. I am not from there, but I hear it is a wonderful place. Regent University is supposed to be a great campus. You will have to let us know how your trip is. Safe travels!

  3. Oh have a great time and enjoy yourself!

  4. Have a great adult-only trip!

  5. Have fun! Wow. Vacation…I totally forgot people take those…

  6. just came upon your site. we’re theatre folk here too. the whole damn lot of us. dad is the chairman of the theatre dept. at a small university, mom and I former dancers (she musical theatre/me ballet), uncle is a costumer. look forward to reading your story. p.s. i think i’m a mommy blogger too. good for us!

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