Playground Discussion

At the park this afternoon:

Cordy runs up to a 3yr old boy. They stand close and look each other over.

Cordy: BwaughbEUYdtlllOMM.

Boy: What?

Cordy: MyUHHhdduffnutrrsSEEE.

Boy: What?!?!

Cordy: FuuubbbNOOOwaaacceeyyy.

Boy: (becoming distressed) I don’t understand what you’re saying!

Cordy: Ggeeeewahttttaaa! ViwwwuuubbKKKAAA!

Boy: (running away, near tears) Mommy! I don’t know what she’s saying!

Cordy: (following) Hi! Hi! Ruuuuvviinnoobbsss!

Boy: (clinging to mother) Mommy, make her stop following me! I don’t understand her!

Me: I’m sorry, she’s just trying to be friendly.

Mother: Oh, it’s OK! (to boy) Honey, she’s little and can’t talk yet. She just wants to play with you.

Boy: Mommy, she scares me.


There you have it, folks. My child can scare other children just by talking to them. She rocks.

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  1. OMG, that lil boy is my son in three years. HAHAHA. Too funny.

  2. This is just too funny! But it’s not just kids they can scare you know, i’ve been scared PERMANATELY since the day Zoe was born and she does that just by being my daughter! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. GGC – Heh, you’re right! Only Cordy wouldn’t have been so bold as to try to kiss him. And there’s no way in hell I would have said something like “Your son isn’t very friendly, is he?”

  4. That is GREAT. She can scare off the boys at an early age. That is an important skill to have.

    I bet you were laughing like crazy.

  5. I guess that little boy won’t be hitting on drunk chicks when he’s older, then!

  6. HA! This made me laugh. I love baby language. Apparently three year olds do NOT. Mental note! 🙂

  7. LOLOLOLOLOL! Oh, how to make me laugh on a Saturday morn! That is so funny. Go Cordy!

  8. Hee hee hee! Love it! Before Sweet Pea was talking she was signing, and didn’t understand why 2 and 3-year-olds didn’t understand her sign language, because that’s about the age of kids she saw in the Signing Time videos. The older kids looked at her like she was nuts.

    That’s super that Cordy is so outgoing and not bothered by the boy being bothered, she just kept trying. Very sweet!

  9. My husband applauds Cordy. It is his wish that Aveline and her unnamed sister will both have the ability to scare off boys until they are at least 35.

  10. My daughter scares kids too! Welcome to the club.

  11. Oh, hilarious!
    Mary, mom to many

  12. Mommy off the Record says:

    Ha! That is so cute. Those boys won’t be scared for too long, I’m sure 🙂

  13. Oh, he’s just a pussy.

    Um, was that out of line? To call a 3 year old that? Well, maybe, but I tell it like it is.

    (No offense, GGC, this doesn’t include Archer, of course.)

  14. That’s too funny! I bet you really are happy! I’m thinking she couldn’t scare off my 2 wild boys! They’d probably get along just great! LOL!