My Sister in Birth, Angelina Jolie

I was browsing the web news last night and came across this article. Were Angelina Jolie and I to ever be stuck somewhere together and in need of conversation, we now have something in common. We both had c-sections due to a stubborn breech baby.

Sure, it could have been an excuse, but I doubt it. No other celebrity has used the breech excuse yet, so I don’t think they realize what a good excuse it is. Breech births are supposedly extremely rare – 3-5% of all births, it is said.

Now I wonder what type of breech baby she had. Cordelia was the rarest form of breech – complete breech. Footling and Frank breech are the most common ones, but complete breech occurs in about 10% of breech babies. Imagine a baby sitting upright, cross-legged, as if in a yoga meditation pose. Her base is as wide as possible at the bottom. That would be my daughter.

Early on in the pregnancy she had been flipping every which way. When we got to 32 weeks, I went in for my checkup and told the doctor I thought she was breech. The doctor laughed it away, saying that it was rare for the baby to be breech at this point. I asked about the large, round, hard object that was stuck up in my ribs, and she said it was likely the baby’s butt. I asked her to feel it again, and she did, and then her expression soured slightly. “Maybe that is her head. Let’s check.”

In the ultrasound room, I was treated to a lovely transvaginal ultrasound, since the doctor was still fairly certain she would see a baby skull resting on top of my cervix. She was very quiet for a moment, and then said, “Well, it’s definitely a girl. And that’s not a skull.”

My triumph of being right lasted only seconds, due to the realization that being breech made a natural birth difficult or impossible. I went in for several more checks, until we realized at 37 weeks that Cordy was not changing positions at all, despite me trying everything to convince her to turn. Since complete breech is the most dangerous type to attempt a vaginal delivery, we opted for the c-section for her safety.

So if I ever get the chance to speak with Angelina Jolie, you can bet I’ll be asking her what type of breech Shiloh was, and ask if she wants to compare scars.


By the way, Aaron’s 3rd interview for the state job is at 1:30pm. (It was scheduled for last Friday, but got rescheduled.) Please continue sparing any positive thoughts, prayers, anything you can our way. The check engine light on Aaron’s car came on this weekend, so now both cars are possibly in need of serious repair. We need this job!

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  1. Eep on both counts (complete breech & car trouble)! Hopefully your next baby will be more cooperative – hee hee! Good wishes on the job front, and I hope that the car repairs needed will be minimal. Good thoughts! Good thoughts!

  2. Good thoughts :)

    Thank God for the ultrasounds…can you imagine having to go through that without knowing the baby was a complete breech? Glad it all worked out ok for you.

  3. Domesticator – Actually, I blame Aaron for Cordy’s breech birth, since he was a breech baby as well. He was a home birth, and his mom had no idea he was breech. When one leg popped out, they had to push him back up inside and turn him. *Ouch*

  4. I have a twin sister and she was breech. Not sure which kind but she needed to be “helped” out. About two or three years ago, she has a seizure ~ just one ~ and the doc said it could have something to do with her being breech. Now she really has an excuse as to why I screwed up her life!

  5. Totally wishing the absolute best for your husband this afternoon!!!

    Breech yikes! I am glad it worked out for both you and Angelina!

  6. Sending good thoughts.

    The C-section thing is crazy popular in Hollywood (I loved GGC’s post on it). I wonder how much of the truth we’re hearing with all that.

    I imagine a full on breech was a toughie.

  7. I’ll drop Angelina an email and let her know you want to discuss these things.

    Oh wait… ;)

    Blah. Breech is scary. Nicholas was just occiput posterior. So, my want of a completely natural birth (which had all ready been tossed since I had pre-e and they had to induce me) went out the window when the pain of his head slamming into my back got too great. Stupid epidural. But nothing compared to a c-section. *hugs for that* Know when Nick finally turned anterior? In the minute or so before I pushed his head through. Thanks kid. 14 hours 33 minutes… and you finally flipped? Nice. ;)

  8. Evan was transverse breech which means that he was sideways in my womb. There was no way that he was coming out naturally either and he was far too big to turn by the time it was discovered(the ultrasound estimated his weight at 11 pounde but he ended up being 10 pounds).

  9. you and Jolie…how cool!

  10. The Count was a footling breech!

  11. “Well, it’s definitely a girl. And that’s not a skull.”

    That’s funny. I do love it when we patients are vindicated.

    I understand it is pretty difficult (and painful) to get a baby to turn. Isn’t it called version?

  12. Vivian was breech,too. In fact,she was in the breech position from 20 weeks on–she never turned. I really wanted to avoid a c-section since my vaginal birth with Isaac had been such a fantastic experience, but my fluid was too low for my doctor to attempt a version. I regret to this day that I didn’t push her harder. Although I have my beautiful healthy girl now and of course it doesn’t matter how she got here, I will say that her birth experience was an F to Isaac’s A.
    Anyway, it’s nice to hear about other breech babies, I didn’t realize how rare it is!

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