So I Got A Tattoo

No worries, Aaron, it’s of the temporary kind.

My Mommy Blogher tattoo

There was free wine last night. Free, unlimited wine. Combine that with a bartender serving one liter portion sizes, and you’ve got a party.

As seen in the post before, the nipple pasties came out for the party. We of the Nipple Cover Brigade were happy to model for anyone who wanted a picture. I really think this year’s tagline for BlogHer should be “Did you get your pasties yet?

I finally got to meet Dutch and Wood, and meet the adorable Juniper. Juniper is so tiny – Cordy is only a few months older and could easily squish her if she fell on her.

Somewhere out there is a picture of me being felt up by Jennster. Who took that picture, and where is it? Oh wait, I found it – it’s on Jennster’s camera.

There’s also a picture of me chugging a glass of wine. Again, I have no idea where that picture is.

That’s the funny thing about BlogHer – no matter what you’re doing, there’s a camera nearby and it’s sure to end up on the internet. Luckily most of us are blog whores who love being all over the internet.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Looking foward to more pictures – ya gotta post that one of you being felt up by Jennster. Tee hee!

    Again I just have to say that I’m SO glad you’re posting as you go. It’s lots of fun to live vicariously through you at BlogHer!

  2. Nice tat, Christina! And I agree with Violet! I feel like I’m there with you! I just need a drink or two and then I’ll be all Blog-Her’d up!

  3. LMFAO- all pics. my camera! wine chug is on there- boob pic later tonight! WOOT!

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