It’s Not a Holiday Without a Stomach Bug

Thanksgiving was quite busy for us. On the day itself, we drove an hour south to visit with my mom’s family, and then we drove 30 min. north of home (an hour and 30 min. total) to visit my father’s side of the family. We had a full meal at the first stop, and then just dessert at the second stop.

While at my father’s, we found out my cousin and his wife were in town with their daughter, so we stopped by my aunt’s to visit with them, too. We started the day at 9:30am and didn’t get back home until roughly 7pm.

Cordy was a trooper most of the day. She napped in the car between families, and even ate a little food for everyone. When visiting with my cousin, she didn’t even mind that the much smaller 16 month old was trying to bully her. It’s a good thing Cordy isn’t a bully – she’s big enough that she could do some damage to another kid.

As usual, after mingling with relatives, all of whom came from different areas and brought not only good food to eat, but also the exotic viruses from their particular region, at least one of us was destined to become sick. It seems to happen every year. And yet people wonder why I can’t stand kissing relatives and dislike them kissing my child.

Cordy started us out on Friday night, by having 4 messy diapers within a 12 hour period. She’s normally an every-other-day kind of girl, so we knew something was up. And worse, these messy diapers seemed to be full of flesh-eating acid, because each one caused more and more redness on her bottom until she had a massive, raw diaper rash.

At first we worried it might be a reaction to something she ate at Thanksgiving. We’ve been suspecting lately that she might be allergic to cinnamon. I know, weird allergy, right? But every time she eats anything with cinnamon, she usually has a bad diaper rash a day or two later. And at Thanksgiving she had her fill of pumpkin pie and cookies, all laced with cinnamon.

But then Saturday night, at the height of her diaper pain (the rash was so bad we had to give her Motrin to help her deal with the pain – the poor kid couldn’t sit down), I started to feel ill. Dinner was tough to stomach, and I was feeling really tired and worn out. Then Sunday the stomach bug hit me full on. I think I’m mostly back to normal today.

Today Cordy seems better. Her rash is starting to scab and hopefully heal, and she’s smiling again. I must remember to call this week and get us both in for our flu shots before the next family gathering. Who knows what nasty bugs a relative will bring with them to Christmas?


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  1. Ewww…I’m glad you guys are feeling better.

    You know, I thought it was strange but there was a table set up at the local mall on Friday with a woman offering flu shots. I declined thinking how sucky that shot is, but maybe I should reconsider.

  2. I hope that you guys are feeling better soon,trust me you don’t want this flu. I had all last week!A week and I’m getting my flu shot!have a good week.

  3. We live in Illinois, assuming that’s far away from you, and there is a stomach bug going around here, too. Unfortunately, despite the nickname “stomach flu” it isn’t a flu and the shot will not protect you from it. Not that you shouldn’t get a flu shot, they are great for preventing the “real” flu.

  4. Melissa – I usually get my flu shot each year. I work with people too much to not get one.

    Anon – Yes, we’ve seen a lot of stomach bugs around here, too. And I didn’t mean to make it sound like the flu and the “stomach flu” were the same thing. I just meant that I felt bad enough with this virus to remind me that I don’t want to risk getting the real flu. 🙂

  5. My girls both get awful diaper rashes when they have diarreah. It’s awful. I find slathering their butts with Vaseline, Desitin and Lotrimin helps. I alternate them.

    Glad you’re better. It sounds pretty disgusting.

  6. Poor Cordy! I can’t imagine a diaper rash so bad that scabbing over is a good thing. I am glad you’re both feeling better. Being sick around the holidays is horrible.

  7. We have had the same thing going around our house after the holidays. I’m about to blog about all the fun that was the stomach virus around here. I’m sure it will be a popular subject for a few days.

    Hope you guys are feeling better!

  8. I’m happy to hear that Cordy was able to tolerate all the holiday festivities! Sorry to hear you both got sick. I hate those viruses that cause diaper rash. Dawson is not able to tolerate diaper rash. He screams when we try to change him at those times.

  9. Stomach flu most likely equals food poisoning. There really isn’t any such thing as the stomach flu.

    I hope everyone is all better soon.

  10. Oh geez, I am sorry to hear that! I hope that you are both fully well soon and that Aaron doesn’t get anything anytime soon! I have heard of allergies to cinnamon. I don’t think it’s a common one (could be wrong about that though) but maybe you should have her tested for it if they do that on two-year-olds.

    And may I just say, Cordy just gets cuter and cuter and I LOVE the way you dress her. If only Sweet Pea wore clothes… heh. She looks a lot like you these days, too (I suppose she has the whole time, but it’s way more noticable lately).

  11. That stinks! I hope that you and Cordy feel better soon. Maybe for Christmas you should dress her in a hazmat suit. That will stop her from getting sick.

  12. That’s terrible you got sick, and poor Cordy with the diaper rash from hell.

    Flu shots…hazmat suit…bubble…whatever it takes. It’s awful when your child is sick.

    Feel better!

  13. For the future- TRIPLE PASTE. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but you can order it online or get it at basically any drugstore, Target, Walmart…sometimes it’s behind the pharmacy counter. Sometimes it’s not. Either way, it is AWESOME. When Leah gets one of those rashes, I put it on and it literally gets 50% better by the next diaper, and then by the next day it’s gone. If it’s a HORRIBLE rash, sometimes 2 days, but it does make it more bearable for her while it’s healing.

    Oh, and I went through this phase where EVERY Christmas, I threw up. I have no clue why.