Short Subjects Tuesday

Holy sitemeter, Batman! Nothing like getting linked by a high-traffic, and now TV famous blogger to drive your stats through the roof! Yesterday, more than triple the average number of visitors clicked through, most to read my take on the cocktail playdate bru-ha-ha. Izzy noticed a similar trend, as we watched our sitemeters explode. Thanks, Melissa – feel free to link to me anytime!


Speaking of stats, another big event happened to my sitemeter yesterday: I hit 50,000 total visitors sometime early in the day. 50K in just over a year – never thought I’d type that. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy stopping by. Here’s to the next goal of 100,000!


Does anyone else have a toddler who insists on taking half of his or her toys to bed? At first it was just her puppy, but then she started grabbing one other item each night. Now she loads up her arms with toys, stuffed animals, cups and balls overflowing from her tiny frame and blocking her view, insisting that she needs each and every one in order to go to sleep.

Since bedtime is never protested as long as the toys go also, we try not to make an issue of it. But I’m starting to wonder how she sleeps in all this:

Nick Jr., please forward all advertising incentive checks to A Mommy Story…


And finally, this song has been stuck in my head for two days now, so I’m going to unload “Why Mommy Left” on all of you. If you’ve never heard of the singer-comedian Stephen Lynch, you must go to YouTube and find more of his music. He’s one of my favorite comedians, and his twisted songs always cheer me up on bad days. If you like this one, be sure to check out his song “Superhero” also.

These are the network-friendly versions of the songs – most of his work is generally not this profanity-free.

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  1. Yeah, when my stats got emailed to me yesterday and they were double the norm, I knew something was up.

    I doubt this one will garner the same response but I had to post about the Today Show again today. Those people need muzzles, lest they continue to insult the entire planet, one group at a time…

  2. My daughter takes a ton of stuff to bed. In addition to lots of stuffed animals, she has a library of board books in there with her. When she wakes up in the morning, I find her sitting there flipping through them (she’s 22 months). My son never did this…

  3. See, I still haven’t figured out how to use a sitemeter… I just figured out bloglines!! And I still have a generic layout for my blog, so you can see how “with it” I am.

  4. G always insisted on a ton of stuff in her crib too. Which was partly why I transitioned her to her own room. She protested at first (I guess she liked the relative confined comfort of the “cage”) but once she figured out that she could have access to all her room toys at once, she was sold! Her favorite activity now is to pile all the stuffed animals up and climb on top of them and go to sleep.

  5. Holy Moley! I couldn’t figure out why my stats were so high the last two days. This must be why! Thanks for the heads up!

    Also, that ultrasound is so cool! I think Cordy’s little sister looks like her! 🙂 (I know, too soon to tell, but I see the similar facial lines!)

  6. We don’t let the kids have toys in the bed and never have had them request to have them. Evan is more than happy with his precious blankey to really want anything else.

  7. Kristi Ann says:

    I lurk on your blog a lot and when I saw that video it MADE MY DAY!! Thanks! I had to share it as well! I really enjoy reading your blog…found it through a friends link. Thanks for sharing!

  8. M&A have three stuffies in their bed at night. However, when the girls get a bit too claustrophobic, I’ll awake to find one or all of the stuffies has had the misfortune of being thrown to its death in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, the culprit will be peering over the edge of the crib with and evil, yet satisfied grin on her face.

  9. I found your blog!

    My 2 year old sweetpea likes some things in her crib, BUT… she has a 4 year old sister who likes to find any toy she can find and throws THOSE in the crib as well. I’ve found Sweetpea standing in her crib, surrounded by toys, with Princess standing by.

    Might as well put a huge mattress on the floor and let them at it. They’ll find a corner to sleep on THAT way…

  10. Leah’s bed looks JUST like that. 2 babies, one pony, one spongebob, 2 blanket bunnies, 1 blanket, one monkey, one elmo- and if I’m forgetting anything- Leah will remind me- and demand I get whatever it is that I forgot and put it back in her crib before she goes to sleep!

  11. Haha, I love the crib shot. That’s what Thalia’s pack n play looks like, although she doesn’t sleep in it. It’s just a wayward toy repository into which we occassionally plop the baby and let her weed through it digging for playtime gold.