The Era of Bad Bangs

Kristen has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging others to come forth with visual proof of their bad bangs. Thankfully, I gave up bangs in favor of layers years ago (at least, I consider them layers and I’m sticking with my story), but her timing for this photo project couldn’t be better.

Just a few weeks ago, my mom brought me a photo album of pictures from high school. After reading Kristen’s post, I took a short walk down memory lane, and quickly ran screaming from the mountain of permed hair and hairspray that assaulted me.

I present High School: The Era of Bad Bangs

Pre-9th grade: The comb-over bangs (please excuse the Brooke Shields power eyebrows – I had yet to discover tweezers)

9th grade – the overgrown jungle of bangs cascading down half my face

10th grade – trying to grow them out, going for the comb-over method again (and check out the Hypercolor tee!)

11th grade – so much for growing them out – now they’re wispy and stuck together thanks to too much Aquanet

And finally 12th grade…

Proof that no one escaped the early 90′s without bad hair (my bad poodle hair with thick bangs is on the left, second row from the bottom)

After looking at all of that hair cut carnage, suddenly my childhood, late 70′s feathered cut doesn’t look so bad after all. Look at those lovely swept-aside bangs!

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  1. This is fun. I’m going to have to dig out my old photos…

  2. Oh, the bangs! I will look to see if I have any pictures. Hopefully, I don’t!

  3. The 11th grade dance picture. Where were you? It looks way too familiar.

    Love the picture of you as a child. Great hair – truly!

  4. I LOVED my 90′s do. And nothing you will say can change my mind. phhhbbbbttt!!!

    I had the all over frontal poof with the back of my head seeming to escape the hair spray and looking remarkably flat in comparison. Nice look.

  5. Regardless of the bangs you looked fabulous. And the hypercolor t-shirt? My gawd, I had almost forgotten about those.

  6. omg, i still wear bangs! :)

  7. Okay. I LOVE these photos. Love, love, love, love them :) So fun

  8. Her Bad Mother says:

    The seventies look is stylin’… but your high school bangs almost put mine to shame.

  9. Love the pictures! Now I have to go and look through my old ones now…

  10. Love, Love, Love it!! Love the old pictures. I need to whip out some old ones of mine and post them.

    If for one, usually always had bangs because my forehead is way too high to go without. I think I had a different hairdo each year in school. I gotta revisit those!

  11. gingajoy says:

    hahaha! I just did this one too. (and you;re totally working that aquanet, baby)

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