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I was tagged by Mrs. Chicken for Kristen’s Real Moms meme. I had to think about this one for a little bit, and then settled on this:

Real Moms Teach Self-Reliance.

Oh sure, Cordy could have brought that box of cereal over to me in order to get a snack. (Note: even though she’s still in [mismatched] PJs, she had already had breakfast that morning.) But instead, I told her to open the box herself, and after a minute of trying to figure it out, she got the box open and found her own way to the frosted goodness inside.

And while I love my daughter dearly, and gladly do many things for her, having her do something on her own without whining at me to do it for her? That is progress, and a sign of being a real mom. Real moms teach their kids how to do things on their own. It’s part of growing up, and it doesn’t hurt that it means we have a little more time for ourselves, too. After all, it’s not all noble sacrifice.


This week I was also awarded a Thinking Blogger award by Mrs. Chicky.

It feels rewarding to know that my words are making others think and, hopefully, grow as a result. I suppose it’s possible I just make people think about all of the bad writing out there, but I’d like to think it’s more than that.

As goes the award, you must give when you receive. And so I’d like to bestow the award on a few more bloggers who often have me pondering their posts for days, or sometimes just nodding my head furiously until my neck hurts:

Kate at Eucalyptus Pillow
Izzy at Izzymom
Erin at Queen of Spain
Dutch & Wood at Sweet Juniper
Julie at The Ravin’ Picture Maven

Enjoy the award, folks!

Oh, and for those who were asking, is now live. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. you have the cutest moppet in town. congrats on the thinking blogger award; it’s gone to a good home.

  2. YAY Christina. Love the new blog. Love the new title.

    LOVE the meme :)

  3. Emily Snipes says:

    I love your blog design! I’m all for teaching kids to do it on their own! It’s part of growing up.

  4. Julie Pippert says:

    I love the real mom meme.

    And yours…teaching self-reliance. Oh YES!

    That’s my entire “parenting as if I might get hit by a bus tomorrow” post…which you illustrated better with your cute daughter photos. :)

    You deserve the thinking blogger award, definitely. I love your blog.

    Wait a minute…that’s my name.

    Well you go on. Thank you. How really flattering and kind. Means a lot, especially coming from you.

  5. I can’t subscribe to anything at family with my Google RSS reader. Tell them they might want to fix that if they want to boost readership! That said, I love it and WANT to subscribe. :)

    (PS – Hate the name of the meme but I did it anyway.)

  6. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Love it! Thanks for playing. Also, thanks for the linky love at your new place.

  7. Girl con Queso says:

    I love this. So clever.

    And I love the curls!

  8. Great pics of Cordy! Hey, a child is never too young to learn self reliance, right? :)

    You know, I was going to award you with the Thinking Blog Award, but for some reason I thought someone had beat me to it. Hmmm….guess I should never assume! Anyway, congrats! Off to check out the other blog now.

  9. Thanks for the award!! You’re too kind!!

    I’ve been off line for a while, so had NO IDEA that you had awarded me. You’re the best :) You make me smile :)

  10. You totally deserve the thinking blogger award.

    Great pics of Cordy :)

  11. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you sooner for the Thinking Blogger award. I didn’t even know you’d given it to me until just now!

    Thank you so much :)

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