When Sleep Wins Out

Cordy came down with a cold over the weekend, and along with the fountain of snot and coughing came an inhuman resistance to authority. She’s been more grumpy than normal, and suggestions of doing anything that might be good for her are met with a hissing “Nnnnnoooo!”

The other night, she was clearly tired, but any attempts to convince her it was bedtime ended in screaming. Seeing the pure exhaustion in her face, we knew it was only a matter of time, so we let the issue drop, expecting her to fall asleep on the couch when she finally couldn’t take it anymore. But she knew the couch meant bedtime, too, and so she continued fighting her body until she could no longer fight.

This is where she gave up the battle:

When you’re sick and very tired, you can fall asleep anywhere.


In other news, I had the unpleasant experience of being in a minor car accident yesterday. Nothing like a fender-bender while pregnant to scare the bejeebus out of you. You can read the whole story over at Family.com.

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  1. OMG – Sorry to hear about an accident! I had an accident when I was 4 mths pregnant with my first son. Besides just being in an accident, I was freaking out because I had miscarried 2 times before I finally got pregnant and I was flipping out that I made them call an ambulance and made them do an ultrasound in the emergency room.

  2. Mrs. Chicky says:

    Good lord, she looks cute like that though.

    I just read your story about the car accident. I’m glad you and the baby are okay!

  3. T with Honey says:

    Did she sleep in this morning? The last time we let Princess go until she dropped it was almost midnight and then we ran late the next day because she didn’t want to get up.

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey says:

    aww, man! she is so freaking cute.

    And I will go read about your fender bender… but if it makes you feel any better I had a 5 car pile up while 4.5 months pregnant. I closed a 4 lane highway for the afternoon. It was insane. And actually a funny story in the end. Maybe I will have to post about this week. You are like my little bottle of inspiration this week. ;)

  5. I can completely relate. Julia has been vomiting for the past 24 hrs but now it has moved to diarrhea. Isn’t cold season about over yet?? I glad to hear your ok. See ya Friday

  6. L.A. Daddy says:

    She is adorable (trying to cut down on my usage of the word ‘cute’, ya know…)

    Of course, that’s what I usually look like on a Saturday night.

  7. Yikes, scary. I’m so glad everything looks okay. Good thing you were on your way to the doc.

  8. That was my nightmare when I was pregnant! I actually narrowly avoided an accident on the way to a non stress test well it narrowly avoided me since it was pretty much the same thing as yours was. I am glad that you are both ok.

  9. toddlers are a weird breed. but so freakin cute.

    glad you’re all right – holy scary. take it easy, mama.

  10. I hope Cordy starts feeling better soon! Dawson has a cold also, one that has been taking up residence in his little body for a month. Our pediatrician says to just wait it out, but seriously, the poor child is a walking vicks advertisment.

    Cute pictures. She sure was tired!

  11. Stopping in to say “hello!” We just got over the sickies here. I love how kids will sleep just about anywhere. She is soooo precious btw! Glad you’re well after the accident too-I had that happen with #4 and it’s scary, for sure!

  12. Christina..she looks so cute..zonked out like that. And her hair..I love her hair!!
    When she’s tired, Ananya (my daughter)will rub her eyes and wail and wail until she can wail no more. I am amazed, how difficult is it to just shut your eyes and let exhaustion take you over??

  13. My husband is like that.

    He could sleep on the toilet, if I let him.

    sorry about the accident, but congrats on the new gig!

  14. So-Called Supermom says:

    SURPRISE—-you were my “Random Click” for today’s Crazy Hip Blog Mamas Carnival!

    First time here but wow…..you are a new daily read for me!

    Your daughter is adorable!

  15. glad your okay, I also posted sleeping child not in bed today – actually covered in diaper cream, long drama involving strong willed toddler and real mom who can ignore lots of banging around during naptime as long as it doesn’t sound like a real injury. Here’s to sleep at (almost) any price!

  16. Those curls! Those cheeks! Gosh, she is so cute…they are so peaceful and angelic when they sleep, huh? :)
    I hope she is feeling better.
    I read your post over at Family.com yesterday but I didn’t have time to leave a comment. I am glad that you and the baby were ok.

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