And I Was So Ready To Write About My Lousy Day

I was planning a long post about how today was a miserable day and nothing was going right. I had all sorts of things to complain about:

– how our three cats took turns waking me up in 20 min. increments beginning at 5:15am, meaning I had very little sleep and woke up grumpy.

– how the elder Siamese then chose to throw up on the carpet in the living room this morning, not once, but three times. And of course he moved a little between each barfing session, so I had three areas to clean up.

– how Cordy and I have seen Aaron less than a half hour a day since Sunday, due to his being busy at work and directing a play that opened last night.

– how Cordy has not napped in two days, and the weather has been dreary, so she’s bouncing off the walls. And the stupid cable is acting up, and of course one of the channels that doesn’t work right now is Disney.

– how sad/pissed I was to receive a baby shower invitation to my coworker’s shower, when she’s due a month after me, and yet no one at work is throwing a shower for me. I normally wouldn’t care, but every other pregnant woman in our department in the two years I’ve been there has had a shower given in their honor, even if it wasn’t their first child. I guess we part-timers aren’t worth it.

It was going to be a rant-a-rific post.

But then I took some time to read my Bloglines this morning, and saw this. Which lead me to this. Suddenly, my day was brightening.

And after I cried a little from the wave of warm fuzzy feelings washing over me (of course, it doesn’t take much nowadays, so this was a small fountain), I had one of those goofy, half-embarrassed, half-amazed and flattered grins on my face the rest of the day. Still do.

I can’t even begin to say how awesome all of these women are for putting together such a fun and generous event like this for myself, Liz and Tammie. You rock.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the virtual baby shower, go do it. Because there are games where you can win some fabulous prizes, all without being forced to eat baby food and guess the flavor. And while you’re at it, feel free to leave some advice – or assvice, or both – for the three of us. Liz and I are sophomore moms, so we can pretend we know what we’re doing, but Tammie is a freshman at this, and I’m sure she could use your best tips for this parenting gig.

Tomorrow, I promise a picture of my ginormous baby belly, just so everyone can feel like they’re all really here with me in person for the shower. But can we please skip the game of guessing how many squares of toilet paper go around it?

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  1. dakotablueeyes says:

    That really sucks that your work isn’t throwing you a shower too. sheesh

  2. happy baby shower!!!
    send me your blog button/badge for my mother’s day blogroll.
    i can relate with your not getting a shower at work. i still think of the huge shower for a coworker where the prizes were like a gameshow + other people’s birthdays are somehow more important than mine.

  3. Never That Easy says:

    Congratulations – on the baby and the virtual shower – Very best wishes!

  4. Jen Magnuson says:

    Hi there! I don’t know you but I’ve posted some assvice for your baby shower.


  5. aimee / greeblemonkey says:

    I know! When I saw those post pop up, I thought it was so cool!!!