I Need Help From The Blog World

First, go here and read my current problem with Pampers diapers.

After that, I would love your suggestions for a new diaper brand to try. We need something cut wide, that works well for a large toddler who likes to drink a lot of juice. Because Pampers now suck and we need new diapers.

Either drop a comment here or on my reviews blog and tell me what diapers you recommend. Much thanks in advance!

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  1. We always had the best luck with huggies and at costco you can get a lot of them cheap (cheaper than the costco brand even, so don’t be fooled). If you are still having issues you might try cloth diapers for her. There are many options and absorption is very customizable. At her age you will not have to wash too many diapers.

  2. I wish I could help. Maybe try potty training? I hear that’s fun witha newborn around!

  3. Colleen says:

    Have you tried Huggies Goodnights? We use them every night… and during the day if I know I won’t be able to change Zoe’s diaper very often. They have an extra absorbant pad like think inside. Very absorbant. Haven’t had one leak while wearing them. (and I generally really don’t like huggies!). I don’t know how they are on size… but they might be worth a try.

  4. MamaLee says:

    I have found that Luvs was/is the only ones that really hold things well! I’ve been thru 2 kids with diapers, and now working on the last one with potty training.

    I use Huggie’s Pull-ups during potty training, but those Luvs really hold the hoover dam for me. And have you SEEN my kids waste?

    Good luck!


  5. I am currently a gDiapers girl. (Google it or check my blog for info.) But if traditional disposables is what you’re looking for, I’m gonna have to agree that Parent’s Choice from WalMart is the best disposable I’ve ever used. Never even liked the Pampers (mainly because of the price!)

  6. This always shocks people, but I have the best luck with the Wal-Mart brand diapers, Parent’s Choice. My daughter is the same age as yours and she NEVER wets through her diaper and very rarely did as an infant. I love those diapers and used them with both kids and lots of my friends now use them too at my insistence that they try them! AND THEY ARE CHEAP! Hallelujah!

  7. uh yeah, my best suggestion was also to ditch the diapers altogether – so, yeah. I got nothing.

  8. I’ve ALWAYS used Huggies SUPREME, not the others. They are super stretchy and with both my boy and girl I had excellent success with them. Hardly ever leakage even when they got real full.

  9. T with Honey says:

    Pampers used to be the best fit for my daughter too. Until they changed the Cruisers sometime last year and she broke out in a horrible rash from something in the new version.

    After a little trial and error we found our new match and became loyal White Cloud buyers. You can only find White Cloud at WalMart. Not only are they perfume-free but they are great for big butt or big belly toddlers. They stay on and hold a TON of liquid.

    Now that Princess is potty training we use the White Cloud pull-up type things. And we haven’t had a leak overnight yet.

  10. There is also another product out there called”diaper doublers”. It is like a maxi that you put in the diaper. It may help for those times when a diaper change an hour isn’t an option. Our son used them at night until he has now learned to put pee-pee in the potty before bed.

    Might be a shot worth firing?

  11. I haven’t any good advice.

    I have the opposite problem, Dawson’s butt is too small or something.

    According to his weight he should fit a size four diaper, but he’s got a long lower body (long butt?) so the size four diaper is too short.

    But the size five diapers are too big so he manages to leak through those. I’ve resorted to using the size five diapers, and I fasten them just tight enough not to cut of his circulation.

    I get so frustrated with diaper companies — they just don’t understand what we parents go through.

    Right now we’re using the Walmart brand of diapers because they seem to fit better than Huggies, Luvs and Pampers.

  12. I have to agree with Karly. We are HUGE fans of Wal-mart diapers. Stella weighs about 35 lbs and wears a 5 successfully. My mom buys the size 6 and those work well too.
    Grant has NO butt.. and he wears a 4 during the day and a 5 at night.
    We pay $14.92 for a box of 92 I think. It might be a box of 80. I can’t remember exactly.

  13. 3carnations says:

    We used to use the Huggies goodnights at night, and the Pampers cruisers during the day. We never had a leakthrough during the day. As far as the frequency of her diaper changes, if she is peeing every hour, why not change her every hour? As soon as we know our son is wet, we change him. It’s not good for his skin to sit in a wet diaper. Since she’s 2 and a half, have you started sitting her on the potty at all?

  14. Amanda Cowan says:

    Well I have a 26 mo old who weighs 34lbs lbs and is 37 inches tall so yeah, another solidly built toddler here. I’ve never used Huggies, Pampers or Luvs since she was born just because I never felt they fit her frame right. I used Kirklands brand for awhile..and I have used the name brands occasionally when in a bind on vacation or whatever. But since she was about 6 mos old we’ve used the Target brand. Again, a shocker here but I’ve never had a leak unless I don’t change it right away in the morning. And we’ve tested that sucker. The best part is that I believe you can buy a smaller package for like $5 or $6 there and test them out yourself. It’s not like with the name brands where you’re paying at least $10 to test out a diaper. I’ll be using them with number two here soon as well. My girl drinks a TON of water too, but might not be at the same level of liquid intake as yours. Good luck! I seriously think Target diapers are at least worth a try! I’d gladly send you a couple of ours to test them out if you like. I am fairly certain I have my girl in size 5, but I think that is just 37lbs.. I’ll have to double check on that. I’m nearly positive they have a size 6 though. Again, good luck!

  15. I’m with Trista, we’ve only had luck with Huggies Supreme. Every other kind of diaper has had major leakage and those nasty crystals exploding everywhere. In fact, I’ve never liked Pampers because they could never stand up to Squeaks and her massive fluid intake. However, I don’t know if they’re cut for a Warrior Princess, so you’ll have to check into that.

    I’m also going to check into Huggies Goodnites. I remember looking for a nighttime diaper when Squeaks was a newborn, but they didn’t make any in her size. I don’t understand the thinking there, but even newborns need a good diaper to get through the night!

  16. ike other comments we use pampers,but the goodnights might be the ticket good luck.

  17. The Flip Flop Mamma! says:

    I don’t know what to tell you because when I used disposables it was cruisers…for us, Luvs sucked, and so did huggies (although I liked the fit of Huggies the best.) I cloth diaper now, and seriously it’s the best. but you have to wash them every two to three days, which is rough with 2 little ones. I’d remcommend Bum Genius, but they fit 5-35 pounds, so would be good for the babe, but wouldn’t fit Cordy. I do think that they have bigger toddler ones though. They are costly (still cheaper than disposables in the long run) but so worth it because you can sell them on diaperswappers.com for almost as much as you paid for them!! You can find them on cottonbabies.com if you’re interested.

  18. The Flip Flop Mamma! says:

    Oh, I should also mention that theBeast pee’s like you wouldn’t believe. with disposables I was having to change her every hour or so and with cloth we can go 2 to 3.

  19. How close is she to being potty trained? Have you tried any pull-ups?
    I still use Huggies Natural Fit diapers – they’ve never leaked for me and my babe has a wide bum too :)
    I do swear that once they hit the size 4-5-6 the diapers don’t absorb enough because they are thinking that the child will soon be potty trained.

  20. With Adam, Pampers pullups worked great.

    But with Caity..no dice..we switched to Huggies and they are waaay better…must be girls butts or something

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hello. I am a first time visitor to your site, but feel compelled (irrationally, of course) to reply to this request. So pardon my infringing the space… :-)

    I have a big baby who seems to pee a lot too (prolly because she drinks quite a bit of milk/water etc.). Anyhow, the ‘branded’ diapers – Huggies, Pampers and Luvs – all failed us. Unfortunately, Parents Choice didn’t work for us either, since it cut her (somewhat chubby) thighs.

    What DID work were Kroger’s Diapers. Also, FMV (For Maximum Value) diapers. Both are really inexpensive (compared to the branded ones) and _really_ hold up! This comes from the mother of a rather large baby who likes to pee a lot… a mother like you. Do you have a Kroger store near you?

  22. I LOVE Nature Boy & Girl Diapers. They have gone through ownership changes, but are great diapers. http://www.natureboyandgirl.net/

  23. I have always had good luck with the Pamper’s Baby Dry. They are cheaper than the cruisers. I don’t know about the ass room though…Aveline has got a skinny behind. Damn recessive trait….

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