Sometimes I Hate People

Over the weekend, I was saddened, but not terribly surprised, to hear that the body of Jessie Davis was found. Here in Ohio, we had been following the news reports of her disappearance from the very beginning. When they first reported it, I had a bad feeling, and knew that she was most likely dead. I’m so sad for her family, for her son, and for the little girl who was so close to being born but never got the chance.

Do you know the top cause of death for pregnant women? You’d think it would be some medical condition, but the truth is homicide is the #1 cause of death. Most often it’s the father of the baby who is the killer, too. Scary, isn’t it?

I only hope the police have enough evidence to make this a slam-dunk case and get the justice that Jessie and her child deserve. If the father of the baby killed her, he deserves everything the courts can throw at him.


In other news, I then found this website today. WTF? These people are supposedly trying to get donations to pay for their baby or they are threatening to abort it.

I’ve seen a lot of Internet scams, but this one is pretty pathetic. They are supposedly well educated, but clearly incapable of getting a job. If there even is a real child, then they can get jobs and pay for the baby. Lots of people raise kids without anonymously begging the Internet for $50,000. Sure, it might mean, oh….working hard… but you do what needs to be done.

I only hope that the donation ticker is false and people aren’t seriously falling for this.

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  1. ~Lacey~ says:

    Hi, saw your link to that stupid website. That makes me so sick! I can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to do something like that!

  2. I felt sick about Jessie Davis when I heard the news. I hope Cutts gets what he deserves.

    As for the other site…ugh!

    “What happens to the money if you end up aborting? – If we have an abortion, we will donate 100% of the money we receive to a national, recognized, legit charity dedicated to helping people in our situation out. Probably a pro-life group.”

    Probably a pro-life group? But that would be a bit hypocritical considering they’d have aborted.

    I find this appalling. I pray that they are just scammers and that there isn’t a poor baby’s life hanging in the balance of money.

  3. Misguided Mommy says:

    This is sick and disgusting. I am so pissed off right now, especially as I sit her on bed rest struggling to keep my baby inside and these ass***** are basically just making a bet, live or die! Eww I’m so angry!

  4. What is wrong with people? I’m at a loss for words. Anyway, I thought I’d leave this link (found it at sk*rt) as an antidote to your post from today:

    It’s a post that dreams about all the great things that could happen in the world if we made them happen.

  5. I find both stories pretty disgusting.

  6. Amanda Cowan says:

    ugh! So terrible on both counts!

  7. MamaMichelsBabies says:

    They arraigned the Cutts puke today… sometimes I firmly believe in the death sentence. SOme deserve no less. Killing her while pregnant with his own child was dispicable (spelling? Anyone?), but to do it in front of a 2 year old child.. speechless.

    Give her family 5 minutes in a room with him, he won’t make it to trial.

  8. aimee / greeblemonkey says:

    ugh ugh ugh. I don’t even know what to say.

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