Haiku Friday: Dance, Baby, Dance!

Right, left, jump, kick, splash,
Cordy dances in water.
Go Aqua Boogie!

The haiku gives a beat to the picture, I think. If you could only see the full dance being done as she kicks and splashes around. I call it her Aqua Boogie. She does the same dance on land, too, but it doesn’t have the full effect unless she’s kicking water up in the air.

Today is the PBN dance blog blast sponsored by Baby Loves Disco. They’re giving away some Stride Rite shoes, and with the speed Cordy’s feet are growing, the kid needs more shoes. If you want to participate, click here. You have until midnight tonight.

And if you like haiku? Jennifer and I are starting a weekly Haiku Friday. Feel free to share a haiku in our comments, or (even better) write all or part of your Friday post in haiku form to play along.

Edited to add: L.A. Daddy has pointed out that they have now invented moving pictures (I don’t think it’ll catch on). I can’t afford a waterproof camera, though, and I’m not risking my Sony anywhere near my daughter when water is involved. However, I did look back through my files and found this video, just to make Mr. Smartass happy. (nothin’ but love, dude!)

Here’s a blast from the past, complete with lousy videography! Give her some legwarmers and she’d be Flashdance-ready!

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  1. Too cute! I can just imagine her dance. We also have that water thingy. Yours has held up much better. My kids have pulled off the dolphin and it never did inflate all the way. They didn’t seem to mind though.

  2. A-dor-a-ble.

  3. I envy your video. Dawson gets camera shy when I try to video tape his dancing, but has no problem talking to the camera. Hmph.

    Cordy is so cute in the vid! I love that!

  4. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    It’s perfect!!!

    I should have bought one of those for Carson!

  5. my onigiri
    as adam would have warned you
    incredibly dense

    I think I’m going to try to participate in you Haiku Fridays. And true to my nature, it’ll likely be about food all the time.

    In today’s, an onigiri is a rice ball. Usually triangular in shape with something stuffed inside. This one was stuffed with General Tso’s chicken. Definitely not traditional but I think it was yummy.

  6. L.A. Daddy says:

    Ah, it’s time to start adding video! That have that now. It’s pretty neat. Cameras that record movement! Try it, you’ll like it :)

    Yeah, I think we’re in for some “water fun” this weekend. Which is basically me hosing down my kid. Although, I have to remember not to do it right away, otherwise she gets scalded by the hot water stuck in the hose.

    She hates that.

  7. So cool! Great pic :)

  8. Love the splash pad!!

    My daughter is too funny, she just climbed on the couch next to me (she likes to see the “pictures” on the computer) as I am reading your blog. She says “Who’s that?” I said, “Her name is Cordy.” She says, “That’s not Cordy, that’s me silly!” I guess she thinks they look alike, however she doesn’t have NEARLY as cute curls!!

  9. SO cute! Watching Cordy dance made that song start in my head: “Oh I – feel the music, close my eyes, feel the rhythm…” or however it goes. “WHAT A FEELIN’!” lol

    Hope you’re having a fun weekend.

  10. motherbumper says:

    Yes, this moving picture thing is just a fad.

    But your moving picture, she totally got the feelin’. She is one super cool dancer.

  11. Good luck with the contest entry. She’s got a shot! And oooohhhh,I love Stride Rite shoes, too.

  12. Love the video and I don;t blame you for keeping your camera far away from water … haha you just never know!

  13. You got dem mad haiku skillz!

  14. Cordy rocks! Looks like fun summer living on this last weekend of my favorite season!

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