Morning Drop Off and a Bottle Opener

Amazingly, Cordy wanted to go to school today. Actually came up to me at home and said, “School?” and then rushed me to get everything together and get out the door. She really wanted to get there! That is, until we actually got there. Then she changed her mind and wailed as if I was leaving her with Britney Spears as a babysitter. Ah well, it’s a little progress, right?

While trying to say goodbye, one teacher pointed out her shirt was on inside out. Oops. I could blame it on her trying to dress herself, but they would only laugh at me, knowing she would sooner explain Einstein’s theory of relativity than take any steps to put on her own clothing. No, mommy is clearly unable to pay attention to how she’s dressing her child.

Still, I’m impressed that she actually asked to go to school this morning, and even carried her backpack out to the car.

We received a call from our county early intervention contact, letting us know that the school district has decided to move up her evaluation one week to September 5. The thought of a public agency calling to move a scheduled date sooner rather than later is mind boggling.

Knowing they want to get her in as soon as possible is reassuring. Especially since yesterday we went to lunch at Bob Evans, where Cordy spent most of the meal under the table because a fly was bothering her. Actually, she’s starting retreating under the table more now when a restaurant is too loud or the lights are too bright or the stars aren’t aligned just so.

Today Cordy calmed down a little at school when I went through our goodbye routine, asking for a hug and a kiss, and reminding her that mommy and daddy always come back. Plus she had brought an item from home to hold, as she does most days.

Having something from home is a comfort to her when something sets her off, and helps the tantrums not last as long. The school normally doesn’t allow kids to bring toys with them, but they understand her particular temperament and make an exception for her. It usually goes into her backpack once she’s calmed down, and only brought out if she’s having a particularly bad day.

Of course, this morning Cordy decided to bring this with her as her comfort object. (Thanks, Sarah!) I can only imagine what they must think of us.

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  1. I’m glad I could be of assistance.

    They just think you’re preparing her for college early. Let me know if Mira needs one too.

  2. Major Bedhead says:

    *snort* At least it was only a beer bottle opener and not an actual beer bottle.

  3. You might want to give Cordy to me, given my recent expertise in putting on clothes wrong-side-out. And I am always good with the bottle openers (my travel makeup kit contains a corkscrew).

  4. Dude, I saw some of the swag from Blogher. Be thankful it was a bottle opener.

  5. Oh my dear, I so feel you. We’ve spent this week making daily trips to the preschool in order to get Sweet Pea signed up. We somehow left our packet there the day we took the tour (Monday), so, Tuesday, I dragged the girls back to pick up the folder. Last night – fill out the application and compute tuition. Today – drive back completed application and fork over the dough, to be told that I had forgotten a major form that they needed in order to hold us that space for Sweet Pea. Thankfully the admissions counselor is understanding and helped me get that other form filled out and taken care of. Gah. It’s a wonder the girls have ANY clothes on some days when we go out, much less on the right way.

  6. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    We share the same comfort object!!!

  7. School is here once again!!

  8. Julie – Yes, it could have been much worse. She could have picked the Motherhood Uncensored condom lollipop from my BlogHer bag instead of the bottle opener!

  9. Momma_Phoenix says:

    My son is freaked out by flies too. If he sees one, he starts screaming and flailing his arms around while waiting for you to make it move elsewhere. Going on walks outside is often filled with these things, since he generally doesn’t like -any- bugs, lol.

  10. motherbumper says:

    Cordy is the coolest – I didn’t start bringing a beer opener to school until the fifth grade.

  11. Did you ever see the Steve Martin movie Parenthood? I remember going to see it when I was too young for it to be appropriate. Anyway, there’s that great scene when there are lots of people over for dinner and the power goes out (I hope I remembering this right) and people are looking for flashlights and candles and someone (a kid?) finds Mom’s vibrator.

    So it could be worse. : )