Facebook’s Twisted Priorities

So it seems that while Facebook spends all its time seeking out and deleting pictures of women breastfeeding, they’re letting far more dangerous activities go unnoticed.

David Wescott already posted about the high number of pro-anorexia groups available on Facebook, and today the New York State Attorney General announced they were investigating Facebook for not better protecting its younger users from sexual predators.

Investigators went undercover, posing as underage members on the social networking site, and found no shortage of porn and adults seeking sex with minors.

Facebook, where are your priorities? You spend all of your energy chasing after breastfeeding moms, yet you let sexual predators run wild on your site. You quibble over the definition of obscene when it comes to an infant sucking on a breast, but hard-core porn can be found with little trouble.

Which is more dangerous: a mom sharing photos of breastfeeding with other moms, or an adult contacting minors to solicit sex? Somehow I think Facebook has a different answer than mine, and that is scary.

(Cross-posted at Moms Speak Up)

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  1. very scary! the stuff on Facebook I saw when I was working at a high school? Truly frightening.

  2. And still? I STILL don’t know what Facebook is. A kind of Myspace thing?

    Anyway. Priorities, people.

  3. Tracey – Yes, Facebook is a social networking site, similar to MySpace. At first it was only open to college students, but now anyone can have a membership.

  4. Mom Chatter says:

    That’s AWFUL, isn’t it?! What are they thinking?

  5. That is so, so disturbing. I’m a high school teacher and I think all of my students are on MySpace and Facebook. They’re so impressionable and it turns my stomach to think that these sites aren’t taking more responsibility for content that could actually hurt their users. Breastfeeding pictures? Not hurting anyone. Pro-anorexia groups? Could kill.

  6. Talk about some f’d up views! I just can’t believe what a big deal people have made about breastfeeding. It seems that moms are always getting a bad rap. If men could breastfeed I don’t think any of this would be an issue.

  7. Facebook’s priorities are wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks for posting this.

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