It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Haiku Friday!

Haiku Friday

Facebook, Bill and all,
Breastfeeding is not obscene.
It’s only a boob.

Little infant dear
Why must you choose to cry when
I have a deadline?

(Seriously. Do babies have a sixth sense to determine when we are the most preoccupied and so automatically choose that moment to decide they can’t sleep and must be held?)

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  1. I always comment
    In the wrong spot, makes me mad
    It is lack of sleep

  2. Gratuitous Crazy-Pregnant link, due to Mr. Linky not liking me twice.

    Lots of Haikus today!

  3. mine is about underwear. yes, underwear. i think i need help. ;-)

  4. I know that my babies do. Great haiku.

  5. WorksForMom says:

    Happy Friday y’all! Mine is about weaning.

  6. Head Gaggler says:

    Those are great ones. I have TV on the brain today.

  7. Mine is about a cranky, fussy little man. Sigh.

    Happy Friday…

  8. My Life As It Is says:

    Guess I should go get this 10 pager started and finished….

  9. I really used to like Bill Mahr.

    Now? What an ass! Love the haiku!

  10. Love the boob ku. And I feel your pain with the sixth sense of babies!

  11. Mine is about how I got sucked in to TV and stayed up much too late.

    BTW, my youngest definitely has that Mommy-is-busy-I’d-better-scream-now sixth sense…

  12. commented in the wrong spot to start with – D’oh.
    this is really cool, I dig it. published my first haiku today!


  13. my first haiku friday – I’ve been reading for a few weeks, and had to jump in :)

  14. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    You know, I’ve had a post in my head about my children and how they just KNOW when to be more difficult. It’s a conspiracy.

  15. Mrs. Mustard says:

    Mine is late, but it’s up!

  16. swirlingnotions says:

    Oh my gosh, I so, so hear you on that second haiku! My (normally) sweet Noe was teething and cranky yesterday and wailed every time I set her down . . . all in the midst of the busiest work week I’ve had yet since becoming a mama! Arggh. Apparently Cordy and Noe share that sense.

  17. I found the blog through the League of Maternal Justice. Great site and Haiku!


  18. My first midwife told me that if she wants to know how she’s feeling on any given day, she looks to see how her kids are acting. Works like that here, too. The Bug almost never naps on days when I REALLY need to get something done that is dangerous if she’s with me. Kids. Gah! hee hee

  19. I think that mommy’s busy instinct is the same one that becomes “why don’t I just talk while my husband is clearly reading the newspaper and then act surprised when he asks me to repeat myself.” I admit, I’ve got it. And so does he.

  20. Tatum has the sense that mommy is in a hurry every time … she spits up on not jsut her but BOTH of us, poops and then spits up again … gets me every time … hahah

    PS what is this Haiku Friday about … maybe I will start it if you can give me the details!

  21. Love both haikus! Is that the right plural?

    Good luck finding homes for the kitties.

  22. My son has Momdar. He can sleep peacefully for Daddy from bedtime until 5 minutes after I walk in the door from work (usually around midnight). Just as I am ready to flop into bed completely exhausted…. he wakes up crying. Gotta love it!

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