They’re Cute, But We Can’t Keep Them

Some may be wondering what happened to my instant feline family that took up residence in Cordy’s play barn last week. As of today, they’re still enjoying our hospitality, and they may not be leaving anytime soon.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on the matter. We’ve called every rescue group we can think of in the area, but they’re full. Vets who take in kittens are also full. The local paper just happened to have a feature on the cat overpopulation problem in Columbus right now. The only place that will take the kittens and mama cat is the humane society, but with the overpopulation problem, I was told they would likely all be euthanized.

And seeing how I’m a nursing mama myself at the moment, my hormones are making me fiercely protect this little family, and there’s no way I’ll take them anywhere where they might come to harm. Mama cat and I have bonded – I can understand the efforts she’s gone through to protect her family. Lactation solidarity, my peeps (putting fist to chest).

For now, I’m feeding her kitten food to give her the extra nutrients for nursing. In just a week, she’s already looking less emaciated, and the kittens have developed cute round bellies. I’ve also earned her trust: she will let me pet her, and she’s let me pick up her kittens in her presence.

The kittens are adorable – two fuzzy brown tabby females (twins?), two black and grey tabby males (with white underbellies and faces – again, twins?), and one black and grey tabby female. All have their eyes open, and they’re gaining weight and growing well. When I peek in on them, they now all turn and come towards me when they hear my voice.

But they can’t stay. As soon as they’re able to walk out of that play barn, they’re dinner to our local marsh hawk. And if they get outside of the fence, the neighbor kids could hurt them. We must find them homes, or at least a temporary safe house until they can find new families.

We already have cats, and our house cannot accommodate more. I’m a temporary guardian angel, not an adoptive mother. We’ve had several offers of help to spay and neuter the family once they’re old enough, which I appreciate. They now just need new families to pet them and spoil them rotten.

Pictures from this weekend (by Katie):

Mama cat:


Who knew I’d be dealing with this? I can’t turn these kittens away – mama cat somehow found her way to our backyard, so I feel I have to help.

Anyone want a kitten?

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  1. i shall put out a plea to all of my friends and their friends…….you are a good person!

  2. i just sent out an email plea… you think the people who offered to spay/neuter the family might do so if adopted out to another family? i will also call the delaware humane society tomorrow to see if they have openings.

  3. Have you called any local farms to see if they would take the cats in? My mother-in-law is on a farm out near Youngstown. I’m not sure if you want to drive that far. Let me know and I will ask her if she’s willing to add the cat family to her barn cat family. ;-)


  4. Julie – I had no idea there was an underground railroad for stray pets! I volunteer for Siamese Rescue, so I help get stray Siamese out of kill shelters. But they won’t take non-Siamese.

    Poppy – Craigslist is a good idea, although I always worry about the people looking for animals there. Sometimes research companies send people posing as adopters to take the kittens, then use them for animal research. I’ll keep it in mind, though!

    Kimbearly – Thanks! I just checked, and Delaware is not accepting any cats or kittens right now. And yes, the people who have volunteered money to help spay/neuter them would still do it if they go to homes.

    Jenifer – Petfinder is a great idea!

    Keri – A farm could work. My mom also has a big farm, but she has too many cats right now. If we can’t find inside homes (see how crazy protective I’ve become?), a farm would be my next choice.

  5. I wish I lived closer (I’m in Colorado). I would totally take one!

  6. If we lived anywhere near Columbus I’d adopt one of them in a second. You’re doing a wonderful thing by taking care of them so well and working to find them homes!

  7. Dear god they’re cute. Did you know there’s an “underground railroad” to get animals out of Ohio because of the way the Ohio humane society euthanizes animals?

  8. They’re adorable but I don’t need a kitten. I’ve got 2 puppies and 1 fat cat now.

    We found our pups via CraigsList. There is a pets forum for people listing puppies, kittens and other animals they’re trying to find homes for. Give it a try and good luck!

  9. If the newspaper is not an option, how about posting a flyer at the local grocery store or post office, a “Free to a Good Home” type thing.

    Also search online, there are a lot of websites out there that will advertise free animals for you like

    I hope you find homes for them! I know you couldn’t just drop them off somewhere knowing theor fate was doomed… I couldn’t either!!

  10. I posted your journal link to Pet Lovers!!!! group asking anyone with ties to your area or any idea’s of how to help to let us know. Keep us posted… ;-) You’re doing a great job!

  11. Major Bedhead says:

    Oh my god, they’re adorable! If I lived near you, I’d take one or two in a heartbeat.

    Can you ask your Siamese rescue group about a non-Siamese underground RR? I can email you the name of the shelter where we got our dog – they do that underground thing there, too. I think my dog is from Ohio, now that I think about it. You could always contact the shelter out here to see if they can give you some names.

  12. Major Bedhead says:

    Ok, I can’t email you – your email isn’t here.

    Here’s their website:

    See if they can help you.

  13. i have the phone number of a good friend who would like to talk with you! she might be able to help….email me at

  14. oh god, the state i’m in, if a stray rabid bull made it’s way into my yard i’d want to keep it.

    but i already have a cat, and she’s an unfriendly biatch (but i love her), and i live kind of far. so, good luck?

  15. Taste Like Crazy says:

    Trust me when I say that I know exactly what you’re going through; I have my little guy on my chest right now.

    Have you checked out the shelters or rescues a county over?

    They really are cute…I hope you can find them homes.

  16. I told you we would if Josh wasn’t a total allergic busface.

    Best of luck, hon!

  17. OmiGAWD they’re cute- and mama cat is really pretty! Sorry, can’t help by taking any kitties – good luck!

  18. Awww, if you were near me I’d snag one! They are so sweet! I dont’ think hubby would notice if I snuck another cat into the house….

  19. You know what, I’m gonna help, I’m gonna advertise your little fuzzy babes on my blog. Maybe some other people will too, and we can see what we can do to get the little guys homes!

  20. They’re so adorable. I wish we could take a kitty… but we have a “no pets” agreement (for now).

  21. Actually feral cats can get along very well IF THEY ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED. The SPCA can hook you up with free or low cost spays/neuters. Here’s a link with more information on how to help strays that can’t be re-homed: They are also an excellent contact with any questions that may arise over the next week or so. Wishing you only the best.

  22. MamaMichelsBabies says:

    Aww heck.. those guys are adorable, and that Mama cat is gorgeous! I’d take a few but Minnesota happens to be far away. Try craigslist like another commenter said, and drive into a rural area and post flyers, farms are a good choice once they are “fixed”

    And I tried to email you back from way back, before my pc fried and i couldn’t do it. Try again, I ended up having to go back to my old email and it seems to be working now.

  23. I know you’ve gotten a lot of suggestions about how to get homes for those sweet kittens and cat. Here’s a resource that I didn’t know if anyone has suggested. There’s tons of info on their website==even an area to post animals that are up for adoption. If nothing you do works–they’re wonderful. Just call them and I’m sure they’ll know how to help.

    Here’s a good place to start:

  24. if I lived near you I would take one … but no such luck!
    Put a sign in your yard, maybe someone kid will BEG for them to stop … local paper … free to a good home … in the mean time I would suggest getting them spay/neuter that way if they have to be wild out door cats this will not happen again!

  25. how cute! I want them all!

    But since I don’t work now and hubby will pack and leave if I get another cat, I’ll have to pass this time.

    What about a post on Petfinder?

  26. Mrs. Chicky says:

    Oh man, I want one so badly.

  27. Another alternative that I ran awhile back but couldn’t remember their name until today!

    Friends for Life is a Pet Rescue group. I’ve heard very good things about them.

    My neighbors daughter found a couple of kitten under her porch in the spring and this group helped her get the kittens spayed and get their shots for next to nothing. It was the only way Kim could keep them was to have help with their medical needs. If she had not wanted to keep them they would have picked them up, placed them in one of their foster homes and found a good home for them.

    Maybe this will be of help…

  28. Ignore the typos, I should never try to post when my eyelids are fighting to stay open!

    I just checked out the website for FFL and it’s pretty bare. This website has apparently been recently updated because it’s totally different than what their website used to look like. I didn’t want the barrenness to scare you off!

  29. I can’t help you on taking kittens but to help her keep up her weight while nursing they make a nursing mother cats milk in the pet stores, even just a little of this milk a day will help her alot.

  30. kimbearly says:

    do you still need help with the kittens?

  31. Genevieve says:

    Email me if you still need a home for one of those cute kittens:

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