Haiku Friday: Threatening to Cut It All Off

Haiku Friday
The sudden sharp pain
It’s like a Vulcan nerve pinch
Let go! Let go please!

I’ll chop it all off
If you pull my hair once more -
That really hurts kid!

After nearly a year of growing out my hair, I’m seriously tempted to cut it again right now. Mira is practicing her death grip, and my hair is her favorite target. Sometimes she doesn’t even look – she reaches upwards and back, finds hair, holds on and pulls. And when that happens, I’m at her mercy, brought to my knees as I beg this little person to please release me.

My hair is too short in the front to be held back in a ponytail. I tell myself that this phase will pass (along with the biting – that will pass, too. Right?), and cutting it all off would be bad. But bald can be sexy, right? It has to be better than having patches of bald spots from a tiny torture specialist.

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  1. i guess that’s a definite plus to having no hair…my boys can’t pull it! ;-)

    hope your hair-pulling situation gets resolved!

  2. ouch!

    my haiku hurts a little too. ;-)

  3. I also know this pain! For me, cutting it off didn’t work.. LOL

  4. Lotus Siva Carroll says:

    Or, you can threaten to shave the kiddo’s head if your hair gets pulled again.


  5. Sorry I put my name in. I didn’t see you’d already put it in for me. Hides head in shame.

    I’m sorry aboot the hair. Oh, the joys of parenthood. Sacrificing yet another piece of your vanity for the kids. I mean aren’t those lovely stretch marks enough?

  6. Ah, yes. The new mommy do. Short hair is cute. And it’ll grow back!

    Chop! It! Off!


  7. Your Fridays make me lazy! But I love ‘em.

    Pregnancy and baby having come with a requisite drastic hair change, I’ve found. My cut is coming soon, I don’t doubt.

  8. Yikes! I always hate the hair pulling. Going shorter didn’t work for me…LOL

  9. Great haiku!!
    I need to cut mine off. I just keep putting it off.

  10. Hair pulling: Ouch!

  11. WorksForMom says:

    Ouch! I feel your pain girl!

  12. I cut mine off when my oldest was 4 months because she was climbing my head. It helped, and by the time it grew out, she was over it.

  13. That’s why my long hair is always back. That way, nothing can get entangled. I feel your pain.

  14. Wow, those are some great ku, clearly written in the throes of remembering pain. Good luck to you! My ku this week is definitely light-hearted.

  15. I actually cut my hair before my first son. Makes me glad I did. Much gratitude to my mother-in-law who gives me great haircuts.

  16. I hear ya! That’s all LM wants to do when I’m holding him is pull and then try to eat. Grrr….

  17. OUCH.

  18. My hair is still long, but my mother’s hair got progressively shorter with each kid… by the time my youngest brother was born, she was sporting a barely-there pixie cut. When I was born, her hair had been long enough for her to sit….

  19. I’m ready to chop mine off too.

  20. I love your Haikus. I’ve done a couple but they aren’t great and no on comments so i think i may have offended some people! haha.

  21. wonderful haiku..i can so remember getting my hair shorn with each babe…

    thankyou for allowing me to play..


  22. Mrs. Mustard says:

    I don’t think I can top last week’s fart-ku, but this is my life today.

  23. motherbumper says:

    Bumper grabs mine by the roots and pulls with all her might. I really, really feel (the pain) for you. Have a pain-free weekend :)

  24. Still biting … ouch that sucks worse … have you tried a headband while holding her? That stage will pass … before you kow it it will be long!

  25. I found myself putting together haiku all day at school.

    Saved my Friday, for sure.

  26. aaah- I can handle a little hair pulling, as long as it’s not those hairs at the hairline on my neck! (shudder)

    (thanks for the incentive to write a few haikus every week! gets that side of my brain working) :)

  27. I always feel much better about myself when I have long hair, but I also get bored with myself all the time. So I basically grow my hair out only to chop it all off. I just got it cut a little while ago shorter than I’ve ever had it. At first I loved it, now I’m longing for long hair back. :(
    Great Haiku!

  28. Ow. I remember those days.

    I’m still bald in patches from them.

  29. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    Ella loves to grab my necklace, luckily she has spared my scalp!

  30. I cut my hair so short the other day that my husband nick named me GI Jen.

    Good thing he likes short hair!!

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