The Future Songwriter

We were watching Backyardigans last night while eating dinner. (Yes, we’re lazy and have dinner in front of the TV on occasion.) As usual, I’m never allowed to eat my own meal – Cordy will gobble every last bite of her food, then rush over to demand half of whatever I’m eating. There’s something about mommy’s food that makes it sooooo delicious.

On this occasion, it was my Lean Cuisine Margherita pizza, and I really didn’t feel like sharing. I only get 300 or so calories from this meal, and I’d like to enjoy every last one, thank you very much.

Cordy started with her normal begging for food. “Pizza for Cordy?” she asked. “No, you had your dinner. This is mommy’s dinner,” I countered with my standard response.

This exchange continued for a few minutes, and then she was quiet. The Backyardigans episode we were watching was the Secret of the Nile, and the song “Please and Thank You” was being sung at this moment. (For those who watch, it’s the song that Tasha and Uniqua sing at the end.) Suddenly, out of nowhere, Cordy comes up to my chair and starts singing along with the song, only with different lyrics:

Peeeez an fank you are da seeee-cwets of da pizza!
Iiii waaaan some of da red pizzaaaa, it’s weally yummy!

She continued on from there, but Aaron and I were laughing too hard, tears in our eyes, to hear the rest of her original song.

I had no idea she was a songwriting talent.

And yes, she got some of my pizza.

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  1. That is too cute! It is amazing the lengths kids go to when they want something.

  2. 3carnations says:

    My son also makes up his own lyrics. It’s great! :)

  3. 1. Those lean cuisine pizzas are pretty good.
    2. Zoe always begs for some.
    3. Thanks… now I’ll be singing that song all night. “please and thank you, that’s the secret of the nile…”

  4. Heehee! You are SO in trouble when she’s a teenager. She certainly is creative.. and hilarious! :)

  5. Stuff like that has got to make everything else totally worth it.

  6. And she deserved it after that!

    Too funny. I love your stories.

  7. Of course she got some of the pizza! Singing always wins food!

  8. Isn’t it amazing how smart they are and how QUICK they can think! How cute!

  9. That is hilarious! And I now have that song stuck in my head, thank you. The Backyardigans have reached Elvis status in our home.

  10. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    She owns you.

    Ain’t it grand!?

  11. What a doll!

    I have to say that the Backyardigans rule our television. Not a day goes by that I hear, “Mumma, we watch da Backyards?”

    I think I have every single song memorized from that show. Some times I belt out, “I’m Queen Dana and I ruuuule the whole dang house.”

    Poor huz thinks I’m a moron. :)

  12. Good for you. I was hoping she’d won your heart — or at least some pizza — with her creativity.

  13. MamaMichelsBabies says:

    Hey, at least she earns her food! So cute… think of it this way.. wthat 50 calories she ate are ones you didn’t… an even better diet plan then just stickin to the same old same old doncha think?

    And the that cartoon has invaded my home as well… yeesh.

  14. motherbumper says:

    gah – that sounds so cute. I often wish I had a cyber eye camera built into my head to capture moments like that – but thats a bit too borg for me (omg I’m such a nerd).

  15. manners and talent all in one package — wow!

  16. My daughter LOVES to sing “I love being a Princess.” from that episode…. pretty much sums her up, no change of lyrics required!

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