What Will Your Pre-Teen Girl Be For Halloween?

With Halloween only days away, there is a rush on costumes. Here are some of the hot selections of costumes for pre-teens this year (yes, these all come in pre-teen sizes – some as small as 6-8):

Maybe your girl wants to be a storybook character, like Miss Muffet:

Sold-out! Virginity not included.

Or maybe she’d like to be a fairy, like when she was younger:

Does a pre-teen have the breasts to fill that costume out?

There’s always the classic vampire:

More Anne Rice, less Bram Stoker

But if those are too sexy, you can fall back on the traditional pirate:

More like the galley girl, I think.

Yeah, it’s a sexy Halloween, and from the costumes being sold, it looks like the goal is to make everyone look sexy, from adult down to pre-adolescent girls. Do 8 year olds really need costumes like that? Are we so out of imagination and creativity that we have to fall back on sex, even for costumes designed for middle-school girls?

Oh wait, it’s worse than that:Superhero underwear, now available in size 4-6X!

Yes, Linda Carter wore something very similar, but there are modified versions that are more appropriate for a 4 year old.

I’m not against mini-skirts, and I’m not a prude. I’m even OK with these types of costumes for older teenagers. They’re trying out adulthood, and experimenting with looking sexual can be part of finding an identity. But can’t little girls look like little girls, and not prostitots?

So, Miss On-Her-High-Horse, what are your kids dressing as for Halloween? you may ask. Here are this year’s selections. Mira had no choice in hers, but Cordy picked her costume herself.

Mira’s costume:

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope. And change my diaper, will you?

Cordy’s costume:

Real pirates don’t wear fishnets. 

Finally, if you’d like to see some amazing shoes for your kids (and enter to win a gift certificate, too), check out my review of Vincent shoes over at Mommy’s Must Haves today.
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  1. Oh my god, that baby Leia hat is AWESOME.

  2. Love your kids costumes.. you are correct, the costumes are way too sexy lately. Our news station just did a story on it, and had a behavioral analysis for pedophiles on there. she said the costumes make it WAY too tempting. It’s not worth it.

  3. Leia!!! That is the CUTEST thing. She will be adorable.

    I’m a pirate this year, too. I’m wearing my husband’s shirt and vest and the kids’ toy box has helped me with accessories. FREE!

  4. I think you commented on this last year, and then while I was searching for costumes for myself I was shocked to see how marketers want to whore little kids up. NASTY!
    I love the Leia costume. Next year when I will actually have a baby in my arms, she’ll be yoda. This year though, the dog gets to be yoda.

  5. Lotus Siva Carroll says:

    Hey… I’ve learned from experience that those costumes don’t make you look sexy when you wear them as an adult. Somehow I never looked as alluring as those hobags in the pictures….

    Haharhar @ ‘prostitots’

    Love your kiddos’ costumes. They rock!

  6. motherbumper says:

    Wait – real pirates don’t wear fishnets? Shoot, gotta change my costume. I guess the vinyl mini is out too, right? Wait, maybe it’s not a pirate costume… I shouldn’t send SB to buy the costumes ever again.

    I gotta get me one of those Leia costumes – the hair ROCKS!

  7. Speaking of Halloween… I just Google Image Searched “spider’s nest dip” and your picture was the second listing!

  8. Sad to admit that my daughter’s aspiration for more than two years now is to be a diva pop star. It could be worse, but she doesn’t really know about pole dancing yet, so this is as bad as it gets. She loves to sing. She loves to dance. She gets to dress up as a diva. Better that than a Bratz, I always say. Love the costumes your kids will be sporting.

  9. Mommy off the Record says:

    ‘virginity not included’ Ha!

    The costumes for girls are a bit out of control, I agree.

  10. baby Leia is great I love it … I am posting pics of Tatum’s costume this weekend … we have a parade on Sunday … they will be posted after that!
    Love Cordy’s too … what a great pirate!

  11. Just one more reason we don’t celebrate Halloween.

  12. Yeah. Pretty gross. Since when did Little Miss Muffet or Little Bo Peep become such a floozie? I remember when those costumes were long hoop skirt dresses. ??

  13. Oh My Gosh! I love the Princess Leia one. I wish they had that for adults. I was in a party store yesterday looking at all the slutty costumes. They really are ridiculous. You can’t just be little red riding hood, you have to be slutty little red riding hood.

  14. L.A. Daddy says:

    Our little one was going to be a witch. But, apparently the witch costume (and accompanying pictures) scared the bejeezus out of her.

    She settled on Princess. But, not in a slutty kind of way.

  15. What, no dirty preteen nurses? I’m shocked. How about oh-so-naughty catholic school girls or cheerleaders without underwear?

  16. ahh, sluts at such an early age.

  17. I n oticed when i went shopping for my daughters costume that once I narrowed it down to the ones I thought were “appropriate” for a 3 year old, we had like 3 to choose from..


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