Because I Like To Humiliate Myself

…and because I’m too damn tired to put together a real post tonight, I give you, the Mommy Story Elf Dancers. Click here for the show.

Thanks to Julie for finding this. Be sure to check out hers, too. And make your own here.

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  1. that is a freakin’ riot! i might have to do this….

  2. hysterical!!!

  3. Don’t you just keep watching it over and over? : )

  4. Hello there! I loved that, I went and done it on my page also.. I am not really in the know on how to link within my blog but I have you on my blog roll.. Thanks for sharing..


  5. **snort

    That’s pretty funny!

  6. Happy Veggie says:

    I like Aaron’s boobs… look closely, they’re there. ajd gave himself some too.

  7. That is the funniest thing I have seen! Thank you for that!

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