The Post-Thanksgiving Post, in Bullets!

We survived another holiday filled with too much sugar, way too many foods that Cordy is allergic to (’tis the season for cinnamon!), and lots of relatives we haven’t seen in a long time, who forget that Cordy needs time to warm up to them, and therefore freak her out.

Because I am still in holiday mode, and because I have barely slept in days (see second bullet below), I give you this post, bullet-style:

  • I’m thankful that Cordy is finally letting go of Halloween. It’s taken a hefty dose of the new Disney series Bunnytown (Have you seen this? It’s like crack for toddlers!), plus a showing of Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, but Halloween is fading from her vocabulary. I soon expect her to be talking up Christmas every waking moment.
  • I’m not thankful that Mira started waking up every couple of hours at night. Wha? How is this fair? I can deal with her not napping during the day, being cranky nearly every waking moment, and even the occasional bite to my nipple. But PLEASE let me have my four hours of sleep a night, child! Two is just not enough. If you’d sleep more, kid, I wouldn’t be as fat. You’ll appreciate it when you’re a teen and you don’t have a fat mom to embarrass you, OK?
  • Did you know my blog is being mentioned in a book? It’s true. Vicky Zhou is working on a book about the most interesting blogs on the web, and she has somehow included this little blog in her list. I don’t know which category, but I’m sure it isn’t in the category of “blogs with deep thoughts and big words”. I swear I didn’t pay her.
  • And speaking of blog business, I totally missed my second blog anniversary due to Thanksgiving. Actually, it was on Thanksgiving. Happy second year to me! I promise to come out of this baby-induced haze (if she’d let me sleep) and write more interesting posts again in the next year.
  • Finally, I have more proof that my children apparently threw out most of my genetic material in favor of Aaron’s at conception. Of course everyone thinks that Mira looks like Aaron, but several people say Cordy looks like me. I think they’re only seeing the coloring, and not the features, but then I took this picture. Can you see how we would never end up on Maury Povich for a DNA test?

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  1. Fun post! LOL~ Crack for Toodlers! hee-hee

  2. Oh yeah…no DNA necessary there!

    When I saw the first ultrasound for my oldest granddaughter I could tell right then and there she/he looked just like my son. It was weird. She had his exact same facial structure, especially his jawline. At one point she even had her hand up by her face the same way he often holds his hand near his face…no DNA necessary there either.

    Every time I see Cordy’s beautiful curls I have to beat down the jealousy…so pretty~

  3. Poppy – I’d love to take the credit for her curls, but those are also Aaron’s. He has spiral curls just like hers (you can’t see them in the picture because his hair is pulled back).

    Steph – Yes, Cordy is allergic to cinnamon. I know of a few people allergic to it – thankfully, her allergy isn’t too severe, but it is bad enough that we have to keep it out of her diet as much as possible.

  4. yep…genetic material is definitely evident…

  5. The bunny show is indeed crack for toddlers! Liv gets mad because its on while she’s at K.

    No DNA necessary there.

    Im assuming Cordy is allergic to cinnamon? Thats one Ive never heard of.

  6. It took until my third child to have one who even vaguely resembled me. Love that photo!

  7. Wait so you mean you used to get four hours of sleep with Mira? Shoot, my baby is defective.

    That picture is awesome.

  8. I still say Cordy looks more like you….

    Oh and I hear you an the sleep. Cayden is 15 months old and 2 weeks ago got a cold…. I am back to more hours a night in the rocking chair than in my bed, because absolutely NOTHING else works………


  9. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch says:

    Yep, it’s official, she is not the milkman’s ;)!

    I must check out bunnytown.

    also, mentioned in a book!? Wow!! Impressive, congrats!

  10. congrats on the book mention, as well as the blogaversary. (yeah i know i spelled that wrong) hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving!

  11. So sorry to hear about the sleep deprivation…I remember those sleepless nights, I’m sending good thoughts that Mira goes back to at least 4 hour stretches.
    Love the photo and those curls are gorgeous.

  12. Congratulations on your second blogiversary and your book mention – that’s so cool! Seriously, you used to get 4 hour stretches? The Bug is 17 months now and the teeth have just been running our life since she was what, 5 months old? I can’t remember now. I don’t get to sleep anymore. I had a little party the other day because she just cut her first eye tooth, which means we’ve only got three more eye teeth to go until GOD I HOPE we get a couple/few months’ rest before she cuts her 2-year molars. And then, dammit, she WILL take a page from her sister’s book and immediately start sleeping 12 hours per night straight through. Well, actually Sweet Pea still woke up once per night until she weaned, but that was SO much better than the hell of teething.

  13. Huh. I guess my first, verrrry witty, comment didn’t post properly. That stinks.

    Anyway. Let me know when you’ll be in the area, and I’d love to meet up with you! We should bring ALL of the kids and see if we can actually get anything accomplished with a baby, 2 toddlers, a preschooler and an 8 year old… Yeah. That’d be fun…

    How about just us?? :)

    Let me know!

  14. happy thanksgiving and congrats on the book shout-out!
    great picture – my kids don’t look anything like me, either. except when they scowl.

  15. Just found your blog today. Very entertaining … I love your writing style. I saw the premier of Bunnytown and wasn’t too impressed. My daughter (17 months) didn’t seem too impressed, either. But then again she already LOVES Mickey Mouse Club House and Little Einsteins so I hesitate to add another show. It was nice to “meet” you. I’m sure I’ll check in again sometime soon.

    (PS) Congrats on the book mention. That’s impressive.

  16. How do you know Cordy is allergic to cinnamon? Did a doctor allergy test her, or was it just process of elimination? Is it true cinnamon, or the cassia that’s passed off as cinnamon, or both? I’m curious.

  17. Anon – So far it has been process of elimination, but we have an appointment set up with an allergist to confirm it and discover what else bothers her.

    Not sure if it’s true cinnamon or cassia – it first happened over a year ago when she ate some of my aunt’s homemade pumpkin pie, and anything that has “cinnamon” in it causes the same result.

    On the way out of her system, it causes a diaper rash that results in blisters and bleeding, even if it’s been on her skin for less than 30 seconds.

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