Aunt Dot’s Last Christmas Gift

With Aunt Dot‘s passing earlier this year went the crazy gifts we received every Christmas. If you don’t know about Aunt Dot, read the archives – it’s a laugh. The last gift she gave us was on Labor Day, when she brought a plastic shopping bag containing stale rainbow Goldfish for Cordy and a ceramic piggy bank and first tooth holder for Mira. And stale cashews for me. A typical Aunt Dot gift.

However, when my mother and aunts were cleaning out Aunt Dot’s apartment, they found something that was clearly intended for us this Christmas. While there was no name on it, we all knew this item was planned for an appearance at my house on December 25. It had been placed carefully in the guest bedroom, where she kept all of her Christmas gifts, waiting for the right sized shopping bag to ferry it to one of my daughters.

And so when my mother started unpacking all of the gifts she brought, Aunt Dot’s contribution showed up as well. While we were unwrapping gifts, I placed this gem in the middle of the floor and turned it on. Suddenly, Aunt Dot was with us, at least in spirit, and we all laughed.

Here is Aunt Dot’s last gift. I had no idea reindeer had cheeks on their noses, and I’m still not sure why it decided to dress like grandma and sit in her rocking chair. A motive for the killing, maybe? I think we’ll keep it around and play it every Christmas in her memory.

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  1. lol…love those glowing cheeks!

  2. Oh my god that is awesome.


  3. Hideous yet hilarious.

  4. Oh Aunt Dot! Wow. Those glowing cheeks scare ME.

  5. Omigod! Quick! Somebody call the Woodsman! Tell him to bring his axe!

  6. Mrs. Chicky says:

    Terrifying but very Aunt Dot-ish. Do you think she knew her gifts would be well received even after her death?

  7. That is so Aunt Dot – I loved to read about her crazy ways and gifts – glad that you all got one more laugh and to feel her spirit again! Haha Love the clowing cheeks, on the nose of course!

  8. Ack! It’s nice that she got to give her last gift to you guys, after all… Hope it was a good memory.

  9. Absolutely love the Aunt Dot love from beyond!

    The tutu Christmas pictures? So adorable! Hard on the mommy of so many sons! 😉

    Love, love, love your blog!

  10. That’s too funny, but I’m afraid it’s one of Aunt Dot’s better gifts!

  11. My mom has that…. except the reindeer isn’t dressed up. It’s just a reindeer. Zoe is afraid of it. heehee

  12. Your touched Aunt Dot still manages to touch from beyond.

  13. MamaMichelsBabies says:

    How sweet is that to have that… a memory indeed!

    And those pics of those girls make me wanna see about hving another one, if only one more try for one more girl… your killin my uterus chik.

    I hope it all went well, even if the peppermint bark wasn’t yours 😉

  14. Dana J. Tuszke says:

    Yenno, it’s not as bad as all the other ones! I think this was her best gift ever. Definitely keep it to remember her every Christmas!

  15. Rather frightning, but adorable in its own way. Is that possible? sure it is.