Haiku Friday: Cooking Plastic Cupcakes

We have a new chef
She’s a better cook than me
Want some plastic food?
(Excuse the messy corner we shoved the kitchen into.)

Cordy has been making huge advances in imaginative play lately. One area that surprised me was her sudden interest in play kitchens and play food. Since I want to encourage her imagination any way I can, I searched high and low for a gently used play kitchen. (After all, have you seen how much those things cost new?)

I found a nice one, and the night we brought it home, she was so excited that she didn’t want to go to bed. Actually, she wanted to go to bed, but she wanted to take the kitchen to bed with her. Uh, no. Sorry, kid, I’m not carrying that thing upstairs.

The next day, our imaginary stomachs were filled beyond capacity with cupcakes and several helpings of breakfast foods. (All we have are plastic cupcakes and breakfast foods right now.) She would insist we each eat a cupcake, then run back to her kitchen with her cupcake tray to make more.

While we now have plastic food and miniature pots and pans scattered all over the living room now, I’m happy to play along with her cooking games. Seeing her imagination sprout and take flight is exciting, and if eating a few more plastic cupcakes helps it, I’m game.

Besides, plastic cupcakes are fat-free.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m first. I’ve had trouble sleeping, with the funerals this week.

    I guess Cordy would love to help you out in the kitchen now too?!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Target has the cutest little apron, cookbook and measuring spoon set ( i think there’s some other stuff in there, too)
    My kids love their play kitchen and I am fully sympathetic with you over the overstuffed tummies :-)
    Great picture, and mess? What mess? I see cute kid, curls, kitchen and fun :-)

  3. Aww! That is adorable :) Those play kitchens can keep them occupied for hours! Gotta love that ;)

    My very first Haiku ever is up!

  4. she is so darn cute. i loved playing with pretend food with my daughter when she was little!

  5. Maybe you could suggest that some of her toys might enjoy some muffins, too. I remember our children really enjoying a miniature tea set. Usually the toys were served real food, though, that the children obligingly ate for them. :)

  6. Quentin’s really getting into cooking right now, too. We bought him some stainless steel kid-size pans at Ikea and he ADORES them.

  7. Mira looks like she knows she’s supposed to be playing along!

  8. Ah … sweet in so many ways!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    That’s adorable! I bet they’re the best cupcakes you’ve ever had! ;-)

  10. The expressions of all three are priceless!

  11. Hooray for pretend play! We have that same kitchen, and it continues to be in regular use a year later. (How many toys can you say that about?)

  12. Adorable…

  13. Those play kitchens are great. Although my guys were more into the plastic workbench. Same thing though; that toy got the most play!

  14. I love that Haiku, and I would love some plastic food!

  15. No fat and calories… hehehehe…

    I linked with my own Haiku Friday. Good idea, thanks!!

  16. LOL. They are fat-free, aren’t they?

    She is too adorable. :)

  17. Ha , I love it. I have two chefs at my house. The food never stops coming!

  18. That’s awesome! I recall doing a lot of cooking with plastic food at one point in my life…

  19. Yum – plastic food! My parents always seemed to think it tasted great when I served it to them. The pics are so cute!

  20. I can’t see the pictures here at work for some reason, but I am excited that she has a kitchen!
    Maybe Cordy and my Duo can get into a catering business. Cordy can manage the cupcake department. Stella likes to make cheeseburgers.

  21. Play kitchens are good. We don’t really have a kitchen, but we have a lot of play food/dishes, and we use the puppet theater as a kitchen/ storefront, along with the cash register. They have a very similar setup at his school.

    I’ve noticed a lot of my actual kitchen utensils and pots missing recently, as well. Hmm….

  22. Okay, I fixed my Mister Linky to reach my new Haiku, thanks!

  23. motherbumper says:

    Hey, those are some of my favorite pretend foods – go Cordy!

    And have a good day nursing Mom :)

  24. Jerseygirl89 says:

    My two got a play kitchen for Christmas and they LOVE it. I couldn’t find one used though – I’m jealous!

  25. My first ever is up. This is an awesome idea :)

  26. YAY!!! I love the kitchen and I bet it’s great fun to play with her and watch her imagination at work!

  27. I broke down and got a big Kidkraft wooden kitchen for the girls for Christmas last year. A little pricey, but worth it.

    My 6 yo has been playing with kitchens for YEARS (we had a REALY cheapo plastic one before) and is showing no signs of stopping. My 2 yo is really getting into it now, and I am sure we will get a good 5 more years of cooking out of her. Plus the kitchen seems to hold up really well after over a year of a LOT of use. And I am thinking we can always save it for grandkids as well!!!

    Anyway, that is my justification for the big price tag and I am sticking to it!!! haha! Actually, I got it from ebay (new) for about the same price as the plastic kitchens.

  28. My daughter never got into play-cooking. Come to think of it, she’s not fond of the real thing, either. Her kids are learning to cook. I have a bread-maker that the 3 1/2-year-old loves to help me with. He also loves to eat the bread. I’m told at least once each day, “I need bread, grandma.”

  29. Too cute!! I could go for some plastic calorie-free cupcakes ;)

  30. That is great! Cordy is making some great strides lately, isn’t she? Looks like her interest in Mira continues. Yay! Our play kitchen is teeny tiny but very very well used every day. Our neighbor boy loves to use it too – he always puts the bananas in the hot dog buns. Forgive me for having a dirty mind, but isn’t that just such a BOY thing? I might not think that if he didn’t talk about his “talliwacker” all the time. ha ha!

  31. Oh, by the way, I did ‘ku today – and finally posted some pictures; it’s been a while.

  32. Head Gaggler says:

    Very cute. Kids love their play kitchen at home.

  33. I bet your “foodie” Mira is ticked that they aren’t real cupcakes! Where’s the goods, sis?

  34. Mmmmm! Plastic is very yummy! I second Rachel’s vote for the apron and chef’s hat set. My daughter likes to strip down to her diaper and wear the apron and chef’s hat. Real cooking would be problematic like that, I’m thinking. :)

  35. Your girls are So. Freakin’. Cute!!!

    (I know I’ve said it before, but seriously? They are.)

  36. A little late, but still here. Love the pictures.

  37. Oh my god. This post is actually making me ache a little. In a good way.

  38. Little J has the same kitchen – gotta love Craigslist!

  39. masterofdungeons says:

    That is a SWEET play kitchen.

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