Hey, Hey, I Wanna Be A Rockstar

OK, memes can get a little stale and boring. I’ve answered five (or was it eight? or ten?) random things about myself more than once. But this new meme that I’ve seen floating around the internet, well…this is just plain fun.

Do you want to be a rockstar? There were times as a kid when I dreamed of it. The fame, the fortune…but what would be the name of my band? Seems like all the good ones are taken. And what would I call my first album?

Well, kids, that has now been solved. I’d like to present my new band, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, and our first album, Those Who Ne’er Succeed:

(Original image by luisa_m_c_m_cruz)

Awesome, isn’t it? Yeah, we had some rough starts, but I think we’re the best alterna-rock mommyband out there. Our concerts are only held in the afternoons (so we don’t wake the kiddos at bedtime), and we insist all concert venues have appropriate diaper changing facilities.

Want to be a rockstar, too? Follow these steps:

1. Click this link. The first title on this page is the name of your band.

2. Now click this link. The last four words of the very last quote is the name of your album. If it doesn’t work at all, click the “New Random Quotations” button for more.

3. And finally, click this link. The third picture on this page will be your album cover. Add your band name and album title, and you’re done! (Please remember to give credit for the original picture.)

You’ll be seeing Kabuki Quantum Fighter on the next Lollapalooza tour. Fer sure. (Wait. Do they even still have Lollapalooza? Oh god, I’m out of touch with pop culture, aren’t I?)

I encourage everyone to play along, but since we’re supposed to tag a few people, I’ll tag Sarcastic Mom, L.A. Daddy, and Playgroupie (once she gets internet again, of course).

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  1. Coolness.

    Thanks. I’m gonna try it too.

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey says:

    I love that!

  3. Pretty cool. Where do people think up these things?

  4. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    Yay! You know, Busy Dad tagged me for this some time ago, and I all but wussed out on him about it, b/c I’m too afraid to use anyone else’s work without permission.

    BUT… I will randomly pic one of my own photographs and then do it.


    I’ll be back to let you know when it’s done! :-D

  5. Well, my album title is pretty cool “Labour and to Wait”, but my band name – Michigan’s 13 Congressional District could be cooler.

    Thanks you! Goodnight!

  6. This one WAS fun, and funny and different. While being creative and a bit mindless at the same time.

    Great job!

  7. L.A. Daddy says:

    Wow. I had to do it twice. The entire first one was way too cool. The 2nd round was a bit funnier. Just a bit. It’ll be up tomorrow

  8. Kabuki Quantum Fighter is an awesome band name! No doubt you’d be fighting the Foo Fighters on a double bill!

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