More From The Curly Headed Child

As I am feeding Mira, Cordy comes from behind and bumps into me hard, clearly on purpose.

Cordy: Oh, I must have been sleepwalking!


Me: Cordy, come here and let me change your diaper.

Cordy: (doing nothing in particular) No! I can’t.

Me: You can’t? Why not?

Cordy: I’m busy right now, mommy! I’m busy!

Can’t imagine where she learned that one…ugh.


Cordy: (Climbing into my lap) Mommy, I need a big hug.

Me: (hugging her tight) OK, I can do that.

Cordy: I love you, mommy.

Me: I love you too, Cordy.

Cordy: (looking up at me) Best friends, mommy?

Me: Yep. Best friends.

Cordy: Awww…best friends.

And you can bet I’m going to remember that exchange for those days when she’s sixteen and screaming that she hates me because I won’t let her borrow the car.


Finally, we received a gift in the mail the other day from a certain Ms. Sugarpants. Now that Cordy will let us touch her hair, Karen thought some proper hair clips were in order.

She’s right, and Cordy loves her new “clippies!” a lot. We’ve already lost one in her room because she insisted on going to bed with it in her hair. (No worries, I can probably find it under her bed.) And she likes to wear the other two together at the same time.

(clippies made by Little Stars Bowtique)

Thank you so much, Karen!

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  1. Your child has the most beautiful hair ever.

  2. Awwww her hair is getting so long too! I’m glad she likes them – that’s fantastic! And what an imagination on her eh? LOL!

  3. I adore the curly headed princess, and her hair is getting sooooooo long! The clippies are precious! Karen picked good ones.
    Oh mom, you’re in, trouble ;-)

  4. Love it! Love it Best Friends … oh the joy, tears and laughs to come! She is so darn cute!

  5. Dana J. Tuszke says:

    Dawson calls me his best friend, too. I think he learned it in daycare. Whenever we are in the car, he says to me, “Mom….You’re my best friend.” But then he says it to Daddy, too. :)

    Cordy is definitely lucky in the curly hair department. Love those locks.

  6. sweet sweet sweet

  7. Awwwwwwwwwws all around. Adorable little post here, Christina.

  8. Alex Elliot says:

    How sweet! Definitely print out this blog post and laminate it so you have it when she’s 16!

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