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I’m over at Mommy’s Must Haves today with a couple of new reviews for you.

If you’re in the market for a new babysitter, or just want a date night out but worry about leaving your kid with the next door neighbor’s teen who quite possibly has a cell phone growing out of her ear, then you should check out my review of

If you have a child still in diapers who suffers from diaper rash (and if your child has never had diaper rash, well, you and your Best Mom Ever trophy can skip this one, OK?), check out my review of the new diaper ointment Parent Bloggers sent me called Diaper Goop. Sure, the name isn’t very inspiring, but don’t let the name fool you.

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  1. Thanks! I entered to win :) We use Butt Paste around here. I figured it’s not fun to use, it may as well be fun to say, right?

  2. Wisconsin Mommy says:

    Diaper Goop – hey, I’ve used Butt Paste in the past, why not??

    PS You’ve been tagged, stop by!

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