Truthiness in Advertsing

Tracey (of Sweetney) started a little project asking fellow bloggers to share a self-portrait. But not just any self-portrait. It has to be taken first thing in the morning, when you still have bed head, oily skin, and dry lips. This is a real self-portrait: no makeup, no fancy hairstyle, no camera tricks.

I’ve been hesitating on this for a week now. After all, motherhood has taken quite a toll on not only this body, but also this face. The eyes are now bloodshot from lack of sleep. The bags under my eyes have gone from sandwich size to trash bag size. Creases are now finding permanent homes: around my eyes from all of the laughing and smiling, and between my eyebrows from disapproving frowns and scowls.

But my fellow twitterers convinced me to just do it. After all, they’ve put their au natural selves on display already. (Of course, they’re all beautiful in the morning. Yes, I mean you. Don’t question me on this.)

So meet the real me (2 different perspectives), with a cold and too little sleep.

Do I smile for this? Smirk? Go stone-faced? Stare like a madwoman into the camera?

Want to join in? You can check out the details at Tracey’s post, and also add your picture to the Flickr group.

In other news, part 2 of the questions you asked will be up in a day or two. Promise! In the meantime, have you checked out yet? They have an awesome Mom blog section. It’s a preselected blogroll of some of the best mom blogs out there, in case you’re too busy to go searching them out on your own.

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  1. you so do not look bad you look good! Like a happy mommy ps the bags are not large!

  2. You’ve lost weight since BlogHer, missy! And you look beautiful – you ARE beautiful, inside and out. So shutup. xo

  3. I did too.

  4. You made it out to sound so bad and you look great! But I understand — we’re our own worst critics.

  5. not too shabby!

  6. Jerseygirl89 says:

    I’m too afraid for the self-portrait, because mine will not be cute like yours is. Seriously. Hell, at this point I hide from cameras even when I’m wearing make-up.

  7. Those are some blue, blue eyes lady. : ) Lucky duck.

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