Haiku Friday: Simple Beauty

On this warm spring day
she is a beauty in red
sitting in the grass

Her eyes pierce your soul
rarely a smile from her lips
always serious

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I’ve also got a review of another DVD intended for kids on the autism spectrum on Mommy’s Must Haves today. Read about Skill-Building Buddies and learn how you can win a copy.

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  1. Oh, I love the hands! And you are right, she is very serious indeed. But my younger one was very serious as well and he’s turned into the biggest goofball in second grade.

  2. She sure is a cutey. I love introspective kids.

  3. Oh, she really has such piercing eyes – I bet she doesn’t miss a thing! What a beauty.

  4. awwww my little blogher peanut is getting so big! great photos, C. xo

  5. I really love those photos! Adorable baby Mira!

    My Haiku’s up!

  6. So sweet! That bonnet is adorable, too.

  7. MamaGeek says:

    OH she is a CUTIE!

  8. Oh she’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Great ku!

  9. What a darling! I love these pics 🙂 What a sweet face, serious and all!

    Glad you’re out enjoying some of the Spring weather 🙂

  10. She is so sweet! One year going on thirty?

  11. she is way too cute!! my daughter is our serious one, we called her “the judge”. but when you got a smile, you really felt it was deserved!!

  12. The Laundress~JJ! says:

    She’s yummy!

  13. How very adorable! And the haiku is nice, too.

  14. She’s beautiful!

  15. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    She really is gorgeous, and those are great photos of her!

  16. Marvelous Haiku
    accompanying these two
    lovely photographs!

    She’s definitely an ‘intense’ QT!
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Wisconsin Mommy says:

    Oh – she is breathtakingly beautiful!

  18. I love these photos. She is adorable…the most striking blue eyes.

  19. Those piercing eyes are certainly adorable.

  20. Great haiku, as always!
    She is so gorgeous and getting so BIG!!

  21. Charline says:

    Love those eyes! And lips! What a beauty.

  22. She is adorable – and intense!

  23. She is such a sweetie!
    Have you ever seen any art by Eloise Wilkin? Lots of old-fashioned children’s books were illustrated by her. Anyhow, she portrayed babies in their sweet, serious plumpness, very much like your daughter. 🙂

  24. She’s so cute! Great haiku!

  25. Dane Bramage says:

    She’s a sweety alright! great haiku too!

  26. Beautiful, simply beautiful! Love the photos and words!

  27. Chris, she is beautiful! (As are both your girls.) You are truly blessed!

  28. Love the pictures! Mira is such a sweetie. And we have that same Uniqua toy…:)

  29. Oh, Christina… oh.

  30. Look at how beautiful she is!

  31. Happy Veggie says:

    She doesn’t look like her dad or anything, does she? I had a picture of him giving the same look, wish I still had it. She’s beautiful, and so hard to believe she’s almost 1.