Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom Bloggers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, gift guides have popped up everywhere. While some have great ideas (I like this guide in particular), others are lacking. There are guides for “super moms” and “stylish moms” and “gourmet moms” and nearly every other adjective mom you can think up.

But what about mom bloggers? What could you buy the average mommyblogger to make her rub her computer-weary eyes and smile? Here’s a few ideas that I haven’t seen covered on the other Mother’s Day guides out there.

Her own domain & hosting – Nothing says “I respect your blogging” like buying her a shiny new domain of her own and covering the hosting costs.

Blog redesign – Maybe she already has her own domain, or maybe she’s perfectly happy with a blogspot or typepad home. A new blog header and template could be just as nice as a new pair of shoes. Personally, I’m not the type to care that much about my own appearance, but would love the chance to try a new outfit on my blog. There are so many great designers out there who can make sure her blog gets the special treatment it deserves.

Flip video camera – She may already have a camcorder, but do you know how difficult it is to get that video onto a computer? It requires a connection cable, which many manufacturers fail to include, and then once you have the video on the computer you have to convert it so it’s small enough to embed on a blog or upload to YouTube. The Flip video camera takes out all of that hassle. Record your video, plug it into your computer, edit and upload.

Blogging t-shirt – Maybe people around her don’t understand what a blog is. A t-shirt like this can give her weekly playgroup all of the explanation they need.

New laptop bag – Is her computer her additional child? Does she take it everywhere? If she’s trying to shove her computer into her diaper bag, it’s time for a snazzy laptop bag. For something unique that fits her personality, try a search on Etsy to see lots of handmade laptop bags.

Spa gift certificate – OK, I’m cheating – this one is on a lot of lists, but c’mon, what mom doesn’t need a little pampering? After sitting in front of a computer for a long time, a massage or manicure is a welcome treat.

Those are the ones I can think of at the moment. What am I forgetting? What do YOU want for Mother’s Day?

Full Disclosure: No one paid me or gave me anything to mention any of these products. But if Flip wanted to send me a camera, I wouldn’t say no.

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  1. Awesome ideas Christina! We did do a funky mouse on the CMP mother’s day guide. But then, I’m on a laptop.

  2. Those are great ideas!

    You could also ad a trip to the BlogHer conference or a laptop skin to personalize you computer.

  3. Great ideas! SwingDaddy got me a domain name for Christmas and my sister got me a gift certificate for a web banner at the same time . . . but it’s taken the last two months to get a designer to actually respond to me! Hopefully, I can get the project off the ground while I’m on maternity leave.

  4. Wisconsin Mommy says:

    Does your hubby read your blog? If not, you should “accidently” leave this post up on your screen when he’s around! Great ideas.

  5. I love the t-shirt you link to, but a custom domain and a redesign would be AWFULLY nice. : )

  6. My brother gave me my domain name for my Christmas gift last year (he’s all techy and computerey that way) and I thought it was just about the most thoughtful gift ever.

  7. The Walsh's says:

    Ha! I love these…I am going to anonymously send this link to my husband.

    Just started reading your blog…I’m delurking to say Hi.