Promoting My New Gig

First off, did you know you’re a really smart bunch of readers? Thank you so much for sharing your frugal tips! There are many I had never thought of, and yet not one person told me to do something like washing out and reusing sandwich baggies. (Seriously? People do that?) I’ll be putting several of those tips into practice immediately, and I’m grateful for all of the advice.

Now, moving on to the real purpose of this post: Stefania over at CityMama is having a contest to help promote the new Being Savvy blogs, and I wanted to let you know so you could enter as well. As I’ve mentioned, I’m the editor of Being Savvy Columbus (hey Columbusites, have you subscribed to it yet?), and I’m really enjoying sharing the best of the city with everyone.

It’s kind of like being paid to go have fun with your kids – I’m required to go out and find the best of Columbus, which means I have to actually, you know, GO OUT and investigate new places to play and learn. Oh, the horrors, right? Actually, I’m finding all kinds of fun off-beat locales and I’ve learned I don’t know as much about my own city as I should. That’s changing, though.

There are several other cities in the Being Savvy blog list, written by some amazing bloggers you may already know, and I wanted to take the chance to mention them all here:

Shawn Burns (Silicon Valley)

Kim Mordecai (Sacramento) (coming soon!)

Jonathon Morgan (Austin)

Caitlin Giles (Chicago)

Mike Adamick (San Francisco)

Leticia (DC Metro)

Rachel Mosteller (Houston)

Casey of Moosh in Indy (Indianapolis)

Colleen (Delaney Diaries) (San Antonio)

Aimee of Greeblemonkey (Denver)

Rita Arens of Surrender Dorothy (Kansas City)

Jenny Ciampa (San Diego)

Bethany Dunn (Seattle)

Kelly Leahy (New Orleans)

Amy Kuras (Detroit)

Nicole Teed (Charleston)

Meredith Pelham (Nashville)

Julie Woo Yang (Honolulu)

Amy Davis (The Lovely Mrs. Davis) (Atlanta)

Becky (Tampa) (Tampa)

Heather Gibbs Flett(Rookie Moms) (Oakland/Berkeley)

Whitney Moss (Rookie Moms) (Oakland/Berkeley)

Kim Prince (San Fernando Valley)

Amelia Sprout (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Jill Notkin (Boston)

Nina Moon (Los Angeles)

Gwendolyn Floyd (Vancouver)

Katie Mother Bumper (Toronto) (coming soon!)

If your city isn’t represented here, tell Stefania you want to see it in the list. Want to write it? Let her know that, too.

And if your city is here, be sure to check out your local blog. Maybe even talk it up a little, and in doing so enter CityMama’s contest.

Finally, I’ll ask a favor: would you like a pretty shiny button to add to your blog? If so, leave me a comment or e-mail me at amommystory [at] gmail [dot] com so I can send you the code for our Being Savvy buttons. Let me know which city blog you want it to link to.

I KNOW my smart and savvy Columbus bloggers will help me out. Right? Right? I’ll bake you cookies if you add a button. Wait…that’s not really an incentive, is it?

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  1. Am on my way to go and see why I don’t see Philadelphia on that list!

    Thanks for the links.

  2. Congrats Christina, what great company you’re in!

    Now where the hell’s NYC? Not good enough for you, are we?

  3. Done.

    Also wanted to let you know I’m doing a giveaway at my site. Since you are always the hostess, thought you might like to get to be a contestant:)


  4. I don’t see Phoenix (:

  5. yeah YOU, lady! Congrats on the new gig.

    Ok. Why isn’t ST. Louis in there? Don’t get me wrong, those are some pretty great citieis, But we’ve got a ton of great bloggers too!(Mocha Momma, Slackermommy, A Bun’s Life, Sugared Harpy, Mamalogues, State of Discontent, Prologue of my Life, A Girl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Little Bald Doctors — just to name a few!)

    But anyway… Very cool and am very happy and excited for you!

  6. (That was supposed to say “YEAY YOU! Lady. Not “Yeah, you lady. The latter sounds like I’m a wee bit loaded and lookin for a fight, er somethin. Oy!)

  7. Ah!!! I’m obviously SO far behind in reading…going to try and contact Stefania myself!

  8. Thanks for the Tampa link!