Haiku Friday: Labor Day

Farewell to Summer
With Labor Day comes the start
of the Fall season

Goodbye swimming and
sandals. Hello pretty leaves,
pumpkins and cider.

Sure, it won’t be getting cooler for weeks, but Labor Day in the US is the typical dividing line between summer and fall. Fall is my favorite season, and I can’t wait for all it has to offer: pumpkin picking, playing in the leaves, the cool, crisp air, and the bounty of the harvest.

For this weekend, we’re having friends over Saturday afternoon, then having a cookout with family on Monday. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?

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  1. I’m looking forward to just relaxing over the long weekend, and I always welcome Autumn being right around the corner.

  2. No big plans…just hanging out. :)

    And it doesn’t get cool here until around the end of October. If we’re lucky. :(

  3. So true! I personally can’t wait for fall to start.

    I wrote my haiku about the end of summer too.

  4. I love fall… there’s something nice about getting back into the rhythm of things and leaving behind the lazy days of summer.

    Although it’s always bittersweet leaving summer behind!!

  5. i didn’t even realize this weekend is labor day weekend! no 3 day weekend here. :( or fall.

  6. I love summertime, but after a little bit of boob crack sweat, I’m ready for Fall. ;-)

  7. I didn’t write about Labor Day weekend this time. Maybe I should have, I’m not really looking forward to it after 5 PM on Saturday. May I just say, in-laws.

  8. I love fall too, but without a summer at all in Holland, I can’t say I am feeling all that excited about the end of a season that never was… sniff.

  9. I am too sad to see summer go…
    nice post

  10. I am SO ready for jeans and sweatshirts!!

  11. We’re headed to Florida for our summer send off. We are so over summer at this point too. August has been so brutally hot!

  12. Nothing special this weekend. Well our 30th Anniversary — see blog about what we have planned. :)
    Mostly we’ll be lazy.

  13. All of our weekends are 3 days now, but I don’t have school Monday night. We’ll probably take the opportunity to relax for a change and catch up on homework. I <3 fall!

  14. I am very ready for the fall foliage!

  15. what fun and yours are lovely. thanks for the chance to haiku with you.


  16. School doesn’t start here in So Cal until the Wednesday after Labor Day, but my friends have been getting their classrooms ready for a while now … reminding me just how delighted I am to be ‘happily’ retired. I’ll be watching US OPEN TENNIS over the weekend ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Mine started last Wednesday. They’re asking when it will be over now.

  18. the dragonfly says:

    Autumn has always been my favorite – I won’t miss summer heat at all. :)

  19. Condo Blues says:

    This Sunday my husband’s running a half marathon relay (he runs 1/2 of the race and then another guy runs the last half of the race.) I am not so athletically inclined and will be Hold His Stuff and Drink Coffee For an Hour Until It’s Over Girl. Then Monday it’s a get together with the in-laws – I hope my MIL brings me more stuff from her garden!

  20. ya ya's mom says:

    i love fall! i make pumpkin everything and just love it! i always look forward to our pumpkin patch visit as well :)

    thanks for hosting haiku friday solo now :)

  21. I’m partial to the beginning of any season, but fall is probably my favorite. I just love the way the air changes. So crisp and lovely. Everything seems more brilliant.
    I think we’re making our annual trip to my husband’s old college stomping grounds – ought to be a good time to do it. First long weekend – not too many students left behind. ;-)

  22. Ahhh, my best friend’s daughter is getting married this weekend. In Pittsburgh, we have had the most amazing summer…glorious sunshine and all. This weekend calls for the same…what a fitting ‘ending’ to summer. Now let’s bring on those magnificent colors of autumn!

  23. We’re having friends/family over, too. Hard to believe the summer is over, but I love fall.

  24. Fall is definately in the air. I can’t wait!!

  25. I love Fall as well… I’ll just be happy when it’s not 100 degrees outside. :)

  26. So far I’ve managed to catch a cold, but through it have spent the day at the pool and some time at a festival. All in all, not so bad a weekend.

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