Today’s Conversations

While riding on Aaron’s shoulders:

“Are you tall, Cordy?”


“Are you taller than daddy?”


“Are you taller than mommy and Mira?”

“Yes! I can touch the clouds!”

“Are you taller than a giraffe?”

“Nooooo…I’m just a little girl!”


“Daddy, I want a sandwich now.”

“I’m making it right now, Cordy.”

“Are they triangles?”

“No, I haven’t cut it into triangles yet.”

“Oh, OK…I’ll come back when they’re triangles.”


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  1. Cordy is freakin adorable, and so witty!

  2. I love the conversations of little ones… funny and cute!

  3. Anissa Mayhew says:

    Awww, what a good daddy to cut in triangles. Cordy sounds yummy.

  4. MamaMichelsBabies says:

    I LOVE the “I’ll come back when they are triangles” The essence of patience there, most adults could learn from that wisdom

    That’s up there on my fav Coryisms list.

  5. Too cute!!

  6. You say that she does better repeating things than having an actual conversation, but it sounds like that is getting much better! She’s so freaking cute!

  7. Gotta love the things they say! Cordy is one articulate little kid!

  8. Those kinda moments are my favorites!

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