Checking For Black Cats & Avoiding Ladders

Ever feel like you’re cursed? Like you passed by a penny on the ground, or broke a mirror, or walked under a ladder or stepped on a crack or any other crazy daily activity that is rumored to bring you bad luck?

I’m feeling that way right now. Friday was probably the worst day I’ve had in a long time. I first had to go to orientation for the new quarter of nursing school, where I would be meeting the person who will be in charge of my education for the last year of my program, and also meeting my clinical instructor for this quarter.

As I drove out of my neighborhood, I realized that I would get there just on time. And then I got behind a school bus. While waiting the second time the bus stopped to pick up a student (not more than 30 feet from the last stop), my car suddenly began sputtering, shaking, and jumping, with a loud noise coming from the engine. The Check Engine light began flashing quickly – not the steady hey, you might want to get this checked out sometime light, but the holy shit! critical fail! abort! abort! kind of light. I realized the car would not make it to school, so I turned around and went home to switch cars.

The switch made me about 10 minutes late for orientation. I worried about how it would look for me to be late, but that was nothing compared to when I walked in and saw all of my classmates in uniform. We’ve never had an orientation in uniform – what was going on? I took a seat in the back, and a friend turned to look at me in my t-shirt and shorts, asking “Do you notice something a little different between you and the rest of the room?” Apparently the instruction to wear our uniform was in the e-mail, but I missed it somehow.

So now not only was I late, but I had no uniform, making me truly look like the class slacker. I apologized to the orientation leader afterward, and then went to meet with my clinical instructor, who also was unhappy to see I wasn’t in uniform. Hello – meet the student who will have to prove herself more than anyone else this quarter.

When I came home later that day, I had to lay down due to the pressure building in my sinuses. I spent the weekend in agony from a sinus infection that just won’t go away. Today wasn’t much better. I may have to give in and visit a doctor tomorrow if I can’t sleep again tonight.

So seriously, am I cursed? We tried to start the car again yesterday and it still shook violently and there was a strong smell of gas. Until Friday, it didn’t have a single problem and saw a mechanic recently. It’s still sitting in the driveway, because we don’t want to pay to tow it and get it looked at if there’s a chance it’ll be too expensive to fix. (Side note: if anyone knows anything about cars, I’m open for advice. It’s a 2000 Nissan Sentra. If no one else knows, I may have to try Amelia’s suggestion of calling the Car Talk guys. I should have known that taking shop in junior high was more valuable than home ec.)

Even my mother, upon hearing the news of the car, said “You seem to have a large amount of bad luck. I don’t know why, but for the past couple of years it’s been one thing after another.” This was coming from a woman who doesn’t believe much in luck. I’m wondering if I need to find some quartz crystals and a white candle to rid myself of all of this bad luck? Or should I remind myself that adversity builds character and keeps me in a wealth of blogging topics?

(And should someone have cursed me – not that I really believe in that – they say anything bad you send out comes back to you three fold. Can’t imagine how much your life will suck soon, dude.)

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  1. ouch. murphy’s law in high gear here. :O

    hope the bad luck begins to drain away soon.

  2. I hope that this run of bad luck is followed by an even longer run of good luck. I think you are due about now.

  3. Do you have a Vocational school near you? Sometimes they will take in cars for the students to work on for reduced prices (parts etc) or often free depending on what the problem is. Its under a certified mechanic/teacher so if you don’t mind students working on your car it can often be an inexpensive fix

  4. Aaarrggggh!! What a crappy weekend. Hugs.

  5. First of all, as an ex-school bus driver I can tell you we usually hated having to make 50 stops that were like 10 feet apart. If it was a young kid, I can understand, but usually it was the parents complaining that their kid has to walk 30 feet to the bus stop and so they want one in front of their house. UGH!

    Second of all… I know just how you feel! My husband and I see to be cursed and my mom made mention of it too.

    I don’t get it. It just seems some of us get MUCH MORE than our fair share of bad things, bad luck, etc. :-( I feel ya! And it sucks.

  6. Hex em back I say. We had our share of bad luck during the summer. Hopefully yours will be over soon.

  7. In Mexico they would say:
    “Estas media salada”
    trans: “Your kinda salty” meaning things arenĀ“t really going your way.

    Stages in life, that are hard but as everything it will pass.

    Take care, good things will come

  8. Amelia Sprout says:

    I actually like the votech idea. Well, and Car Talk, if you get them to talk to you, you have to let me know. It will totally make up for being forced to listen to them as a kid. Even if I now know that they are incredibly funny and know their car stuff.
    Hopefully this is the low point. I know I keep saying that, but it has to break eventually.

  9. So sorry you are having a bad string of luck I will be praying for it to lift very very soon!

  10. yea, you should avoid all the unlucky stuff

  11. Major Bedhead says:

    Fuel pump? I think there’s a section on the Car Talk website where you can ask them a question or view FAQs, so you might find your answer there. I know I had a Volvo that did that – turned out the fuel gauge was broken.

    I hope things start to turn around for you soon – it does seem to have been a truly craptastic year.

  12. Condo Blues says:

    The ragweed pollen is killing my sinuses too. And Blitzkrieg’s. He’s snoring like a buzzsaw at my feet because he has seasonal allergies just like his human.

    You are not alone!

  13. OMG… we’ve had months/years like that, where nothing seems to go right. based recent events in mmy life, I have a bad feeling we’re going to start on the down swing again.

    But, it’ll end soon! Life is full of ebbs and flows. Sending good vibes your way now.

    And P.S., I know nothing about cars, so I am no help there.

  14. Oh man! I’m sorry about the uniform thing, that sucks. Hopefully things will look up soon!

  15. Anissa Mayhew says:

    I’m sending all the happy, good luck, feel better vibes I possibly can you way.

  16. I know how you feel. One of the only blessings this semester is that we don’t have to wear our “smurf” uniforms (bright blue tops with the college logo as big as your hand with startched white pants).
    Meanwhile my employer has sent so much nastiness my way I can’t wait for the karma to kick them in the butt. Great staff RNs but have had miserable luck with the administrative RNs. I had to scramble for a preceptorship that the paperwork had been filed on in April because the idiot who filled them because according to her despite the fact I have worked for the company 8 years, I’m “not one of theirs” and not a priority. Dang good thing she resigned – it wouldn’t have been pretty. In my day job itself the Board of Directors decided that despite having one of the best records in the nation, it would be a really good idea to spend lots of $$ on hiring “efficiency experts” to destroy our dept. I just keep repeating to myself, they’re only here til March….ug, but what havoc they are wreaking until then.
    Good luck and may all your good deeds come back to you tenfold soon!

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