Haiku Friday: Halloween!

It’s Mira’s second
Halloween – this year she will
go trick-or-treating

Last year she cried out
“Help me Obi-Wan, and get
me out of this thing!”

(Best photo)

This year a rag doll
Again with a hat because
she still needs more hair

(Cutest costume under 2)

The one with curls, though?
She wants to be a robot
now. Where’d the bat go?

Too bad for her, ‘cuz
if she wants candy then she
will be Super Girl.

(Cutest costume over 3)

Tonight is trick-or-treat, and this is the first year both girls will be coming with me to get candy. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to keep track of them both without losing Mira to some welcoming house. (You know she’d do it, too.) Wish me luck, and have a happy Halloween everyone!

(Photos above are included for the Parent Bloggers blog blast this weekend, and are labeled for their costume contest, sponsored by Blurb. You have until Sunday to enter this blog blast with pictures of your kids’ best costumes as well.)

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  1. How cute is that Leia costume?! I just about died!

  2. I don’t even remember what a haiku is. ;-) Love the photos. I think Leia is a heavy contender

  3. Aw, so very cute!

  4. Your girls are adorable! Good luck with keeping track of the two girls.

    We’re taking our 3 kiddos to a mall in a nearby town to trick or treat. It will be the twins’ first time getting their hands on candy.

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

  5. MommyWizdom says:

    How adorable! I like the R. Ann costume! Happy Halloween! Hope you’ll join our Election Blog Party!


  6. Oh! Happy Halloween!
    They look fantastic. I hope you have a great celebration!!

  7. Cute, cute, cute! Your rock in the costume department. Have a safe night with the little ones.

  8. How cute! That right there is why I needed a girl sigh

    Have a safe and happy Halloween.

  9. Cute costumes. I love princess Leia.

  10. I adore kids in costumes…they are soooo cute…hope you have fun too!!!

  11. LOVE this idea… hope you don’t mind that i invited myself to play along. next week’s will be better, as i will have more time to put some thought into it. i love poetry… so does my little one. he’s the one that explained to me what a haiku is! maybe i’ll have him help me write the next one.
    happy halloween!

  12. Have fun! I am taking my boys out trick or treating for the first time too. It should be interesting.

  13. I love that first picture! Too cute!

  14. The Laundress says:

    Absolutely adorable.

    Have fun.

  15. Cute pics. I am not as creative as you are when it comes to costumes. Oh well.

  16. Molly's Mom says:

    Love the Leia costume!

  17. Ah … such QTies in their Halloween costumes!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time trick or treating ;–)

    I’m celebrating Halloween in Haiku at Small Reflections and am working on a SkyWatch/HaikuFriday for Sacred Ruminations that will be up soon … hopefully.

    One more thing — Please consider yourself BOO’d … and check yesterday’s post at Small Reflections for details.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Undercover-Princess says:

    How adorable! My four year old niece is being Raggedy Ann.

  19. Very cute! My son has costume envy over your little superhero.

  20. Condo Blues says:

    Trick or Treat at my house! The little kids are getting animal cookies. The worn out parents get the candy.

  21. Those are really great costumes and pictures. Good luck tonight!

  22. They are SOO cute! I bet they’ll have a good time!

  23. So aborable

  24. Amelia Sprout says:

    I still think the rag doll costume is great. She’s such a natural ham, it is perfect.

  25. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children says:

    That Raggedy Ann costume on Mira is adorable!!!

  26. Great poetry, beautiful pictures, and lovely commentary. Hope you score big! No, I meant I hope the kids score big (so you can raid their stash).

  27. How precious!

    Happy Halloween!

  28. All those photos are great! You’re giving me a run for my money in the contest :)

  29. Oh, they are so totally CUTE! How did trick-or-treating go? Do you still have both girls? hee hee I hope you had a great time.

  30. the dragonfly says:

    Oh my goodness, I love the Leia costume!!!! They’re both adorable. Halloween is so much fun!

  31. Momo Fali says:

    They are too cute! I love that Star Wars get-up!

    (Just want you know, I’m thinking of you. Hope all is well.)

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