Holiday Hangover

Like many others, my mind is still in a haze, recovering from the holiday marathon. Three more containers of brisket remain until I’m finished with the leftovers and guaranteed to never want to see brisket again until next December. Other highlights:

* Both girls stayed awake for all holiday gatherings this year, two of which lasted past 9 pm. This is especially impressive for Cordy, who can rarely stay awake past 8 pm.

* Starbucks gift cards really are some of the best gifts out there. Nothing says love like the gift of sweet, hot caffeine. Restaurant gift cards (especially to restaurants that don’t have crayons) fall closely behind that. Cash trumps everything, of course.

* For the first time in several years, my mom did not stay with us on Christmas Eve. And for the first time in several years, Aaron and I slept without clothing on Christmas Eve. Yay, naked!

* The best part of Hanukkah falling over Christmas? You can hit the post-Christmas sales for any remaining Hanukkah gifts.

* The girls looked great in their dresses. Cordy loves her fancy dress and asks to wear it every day now. Had I actually paid for it, she probably would wear it every day to make it worth it. Still, it’s a gorgeous dress on her.

* No one was sick!

* I found out more family members read my blog than I originally thought. So to all of you who revealed yourselves last week: hi, welcome to my blog, and I’m glad you like it. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment now and then, OK? And I really can’t be held responsible if you read anything that is TMI for you (see third * above), so read at your own risk.

*Cordy picked a bad time of the year to learn new profanity. When told she couldn’t do something, she sighed in her saddest voice, “Aw, fuckers…” Wonder where she learned that word, Aaron?

* Little girls in their PJs and tutus are really cute.

* I’m thrilled that a large part of our holiday shopping came from small, independent shops. Gifts for Aaron’s family were purchased at the annual Winterfair craft show in Columbus, including a nice pen with a wooden case, a handwoven purse, and some dip mixes that are incredibly delicious. Mira scored with two dresses from Etsy:

Cute, aren’t they? Had we more money this year, Etsy sellers would have seen a lot more of my cash. Given the choice, I’d rather purchase something made by hand by a small-time business owner than something mass produced and probably made in a foreign country by children who should be spending their time in school or just, you know, being kids.

Which brings up another topic: have you seen the Help Save Handmade campaign? To sum up, a new act going into effect very soon would require all children’s products to undergo government lab testing before they could be sold. Despite the fact that the larger manufacturers are the more likely culprits of using dangerous materials or construction, this would require small-time crafters to pay the thousands of dollars for testing for each item – a cost most couldn’t afford, for products that are already made from natural materials.

If you haven’t already, read up on the issues, vote on, join in the handmande meme, and get involved in contacting Congress and the CPSC to protest this act. Most of all, continue to support handmade businesses – many of which are started by moms and dads who want kids to have quality toys and clothing – so that our kids can continue to get cool handmade gifts every Christmas.

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  1. The girls are so cute in those tutus! And a naked Christmas Eve… Sigh. THAT is a great gift. :)

  2. Whoo-hoo! Nekkkid. Nice!

    And loooove the dresses. They look so cute!!

    And thanks for the reminder on the save handmade info, I’ve been meaning to get involved with that.

  3. Motherhood Uncensored says:

    Love her fancy dress — and we’re big fans of Courtney Courtney as well.

    Glad to hear no one was sick. WOO!

  4. Love the pjs and tutus. I think I need some. Glad that your holidays were so nice!

  5. I LOVE that Cordy dropped the f-bomb. You might not, but I think it’s great. Mainly because Squeaks has uttered every bad word except that one, so I’m just glad we’re not the only ones.

    Glad to hear of a nake Christmas Eve. Sounds like things are going better for you guys.

  6. wow sleeping naked … I can’t wait until we can do that again!

    Glad it was good and no one was sick!

  7. Not being sick is the best. Okay, maybe second best to being naked.

  8. Thanks so much for the support Christina. Of handmade…and of Courtney Courtney! I actually picked her on Cool Mom Picks for my favorite kids clothes of the year this year. You fashionista, you.

  9. My mom was gone this year for Christmas to Florida to stay with her sister who is terminally ill…..I hated not having her around. I mailed some of her presents but her Christmas Eve pj’s are still under the tree…and will be when she returns doggone it! I miss my mamma

  10. Cute Cute Cute! Happy New Year!

  11. mothergoosemouse says:

    Yay for Courtney Courtney! And thanks for playing along and spreading the word.

  12. Ooh wee! Love to see this! Happy New Year!

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