What You Get When You Give A 4-Year Old A Camera For Christmas

From Cordy’s new Little Tikes camera:

And when said 4-year old’s 19-month sister gets her hands on the same Little Tikes camera, you get these pictures…

…and about 130 more exactly like them.

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  1. Actually, a few of those are really kind of cool. The one of Mira’s eyes, and the blurred tree lights are my favorites.

  2. Love the pic of her eyes.. my 3 y/o got a Fisher Price camera for Christmas and isn’t interested in it. He still is willing to try to grab for ours every chance he gets, though.

  3. I went insane a few weeks ago and gave BB my DSLR to take a picture of me.

    A) It turned out very nicely.

    B) I really should have gotten him a camera for Christmas but presents were already purchased at that point.

    Can you offer me a real review of this one? Might be a summer type gift.

  4. I think the ones of Mira are adorable, and the blurred Christmas tree lights is neat. Cordy’s a budding photographer. :)

  5. jerseygirl89 says:

    I like the ones of Mira a lot, actually.

  6. awesome.

    man… digital cameras are so cool. i remember my parents being all stingy with the film (110 anyone?) when i had my first camera (it was blue…) and then being even stingier about developing the film.

    your little ladies are pretty lucky!

  7. I love all the crazy random pictures!

  8. Amelia Sprout says:

    I think Mira scored with the introspective self portraits. Though Cordy is definitely living a life about action from what I can tell.

  9. LOL. Too funny! My son takes a gazillion pictures with his digital camera with similar results. I should post of them, too.

  10. all very cute – looks like fun in the making!

  11. Those look a lot like the pictures I take. Only different faces.

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