Haiku Friday: Gone But Not Forgotten

Haiku Friday
It’s been a year now
since the news broke on Twitter:
Heath Ledger is dead

I thought it a sick
joke at first, but then it was
confirmed. And I cried.

I remember him
as a young new actor on
the FOX series Roar

I was a fan of
his career. He was even
on my List of Five.

Here’s hoping Heath wins
the Oscar for the Dark Knight.
He’ll be greatly missed.

How ironic that exactly one year after his accidental death, Heath Ledger was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his brilliant portrayal of the Joker. Watching that movie, I’ll admit there were several moments where I completely forgot it was him because he disappeared entirely into the role.

I wish we could have seen more of his work. And I really miss that smile.

(One of his cheesiest roles, and yet one of my favorites.)

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  1. It seems like that role would have propelled his career to new heights if he would have had that chance. He did an awesome job!

  2. Life is so fleeting, isn’t it?
    So sad.
    He seemed an amazing fellow.

  3. I know, so sad, wasn’t it? I mean, it still is. Poor Matilda losing her Dad so young.

  4. Ah, what a kind word for him! I love that he was on your list of five too! That’s great. It’s a great set of tribute ‘ku to a gorgeous man!

  5. I think that he will definitely win the Oscar!

  6. That is one of my favorite movies too (10 Things I hate about you). I could watch it over and over again. I still cannot believe that he has been gone a year….it really doesn’t seem that long ago at all

  7. I had not really followed his career, but I do think his death was such a tragedy and my heart went out to his widow.

  8. It doesn’t seem like an entire year has gone by, does it? What a terrible tragedy this was – one of those actors that left us all too early, with the sense that his work was not completed.

    Twin Reflections In The Sky at My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

    Tink *~*~*

  9. Hard to believe it’s been a year, isn’t it?

  10. Cheesiest movie ever, but with the greatest lines, and my two fav. character portrayers.

    It’s already been a year? Holy crap!

  11. Surprising that it’s already been a year. I wrote a post on it when I found out (won’t force you to read it, it’s not big. Just expressed surprise). I liked that movie too—watched it for a project for one of my college classes. Don’t remember exactly which one, but it had something to do with the fact that it’s a loose adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew. :-)

  12. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. He was also on my list of five, and that’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Terrible tragedy. I do hope he gets the oscar, and not because of sympathy, but because he deserves it.

  13. I took this a different direction – I’m missing warm weather…:)

  14. i can’t believe it’s been a year either. I loved him in brokeback mountain.

  15. A very nice tribute. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

  16. Poignant ‘ku tribute …
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. He was also on my list of 5. He was a wonderful actor. I hope he wins the Oscar. :)

  18. It is so, so sad. I actually welled up when I heard he was nominated yesterday, a year after his death. I too am hoping he wins.

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