Haiku Friday: Spring in Winter?

Haiku Friday
Oh Target, why hast
thou forsaken me in my
time of greatest need?

No kids’ long pants and
sweaters, right when I needed
more winter clothing.

Your store is filled with
capris and spring t-shirts. Have
you seen the weather:

I will never presume to know how the fashion industry works. On January 2, I walked into our Target and found all of the winter clothing shoved onto clearance racks while the spring clothing had been placed out on display. It’s not even February yet, but there are no winter clothes to be found other than the random 0-6 mo. sweater or leftover Christmas long-sleeved shirt.

When it comes to shopping for my children, I try to buy ahead, but sometimes I find that there is a need for more, such as long-sleeved shirts for Cordy, since my Amazon warrior princess grows right out of everything. But Target can offer me nothing except Easter dresses and pastel short-sleeved shirts. Puzzling.

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  1. What a cute snowy play photograph … but I’m sorry for your shopping frustrations. It DOES seem odd that there would be no winter clothes available with weather like you’re experiencing, but I suspect it has something to do with the downturn in the economy. Hope your find some reasonably priced warm clothes elsewhere.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. You have a great point – it does seem like the stores just box up all the winter clothes right after Christmas. There are at least 2 if not three more months of cold, raw weather to deal with. I don’t know why they do it, either!

    My Mobile Adventures *~*~* presents – Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door at the SKY!

    Tink *~*~*

  3. Yep, same thing happens to me. I wish stores would still keep stocked at least some selection of what I might need right now, not 6 months from now.

  4. I am in the same boat. All 3 kids sprouted suddenly. Usually I buy all their winter clothes on clearance for next year around this time, but instead I had to replace all their pants. The Childrens Place may still be having their huge sale. I got tons of stuff for $2.49 before my 15% coupon!

  5. I noticed that too! I was rather miffed. What is worse is that the Walmart near me only ever had summer maternity clothing and only now is clearancing it.

  6. I’ve noticed this with children’s and adult’s clothing! It’s friggin maddening.

  7. Ack! I can’t even fathom putting spring clothes on! It’s toooooo cold!! Silly Target.
    Do love the snow play photo though. Looks like great fun.

  8. Condo Blues says:

    The week before Christmas I went to Target to get a few things and saw that they just put out the summer bathing suits! Right next to the Christmas sweaters, ironic.

    Have you tried Once Upon A Child? They might have winter clothes for sale. And for cheap!

  9. You are so right! I’ve been trying to find a coat, and I am having no luck at all!

  10. Oh and God FORBID that you need mittens or hats past Christmas. Seriously, you’d think they’d stock those through the end of JANUARY for crying out loud…

    Go to a second hand store. You’ll find all seasons there and cheaper.

  11. When I made a comment in my local Target at Christmas time about all the Valentines stuff they had out, I was rudely informed that retail is always TWO months ahead.

    I also experienced not finding winter items recently when both of my kids needed new coats(I’m not sure what they do with their stuff but the coats I replaced were brand new to start this season). Four stores later I finally found some.

  12. Thank you! I went last week to my mall to look for a winter coat for my child. No store, including Target, had any winter coats. In January. I could have bought him any number of swimsuits though.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, so annoying. My daughter was born last January and we didn’t know if the baby would be a boy or girl so didn’t buy many clothes. Then tried going shopping in JANUARY for winter clothes and could hardly find anything.

  14. Cute photo and ‘oh, woe’ tale! Amazing how the seasons are totally in the hands of retailers and not the consumer. Can’t buy Halloween stuff in October because Christmas has taken over. No wonder we stress.

  15. Amelia Sprout says:

    Yup, same here. Funny thing is there are times when there will randomly show up something weather appropriate.

    I have learned that growth spurts happen at the worst time, so we shop ahead. Occasionally I get burned, but mostly I buy big enough that we’re safe. Right now, the not even 2 year old is wearing 4T sweatshirts.

  16. It drives me absolutely nuts when stores stock clothes for some future season! Now I buy extra clothes in larger sizes at the start of the season so I won’t be stuck!

  17. that’s so frustrating!! you’d think they’d offer seasonal clothes regionally.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I hate that! It’s like in summer when you need a new bathing suit because something happened, and you go to the store and they’re all gone even though it’s still July! What the heck!?

    That is a totally cute photo though!

  20. That is SO TRUE. Totally pisses me off. There’s like at least 3 more months of cold weather before the capris get on my legs.

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