Bring On The Glitz

Years ago when we lived in Oxford (Ohio), Aaron and I would host an Oscar party for all of our friends. We’d invite everyone we knew, buy lots of food and drink for the party, design and print off fancy ballot sheets for each guest, and spend all afternoon cleaning the living room.

Then as evening approached, we’d cram as many people as we could into our apartment right before the red carpet coverage started, and begin our evening of entertainment. Each person would fill out a ballot, choosing who they think would win for each category. Ballots had to be completed before the curtain came up so there was no cheating.

We’d critique and criticize each designer dress that came down the red carpet, laughing at some of the poor choices and applauding those stars who had sensible friends to tell them, “Trust me, you’ll look good in that.”

As each winner was announced, some would groan and others would cheer as we updated our ballots. We turned the entire award show into a sporting event.

Our last Oscar party was in 2004. After that we moved to Columbus, had children, and let life get in the way. We still watched the Academy Awards each year, always remarking how we missed our Oscar parties.

Well, now the party is back. Our house will play host to six others to watch Hugh Jackman try to breathe life back into the old Oscar. The drinks and snacks are ready, the ballots are printed, and it’s going to be a fun night.

My predictions? I’ll give you a few. Having seen Slumdog Millionaire, I’m nearly certain it’s the Best Picture winner. And I’m hoping Heath Ledger gets his posthumous Best Supporting Actor statuette.

I’m putting odds on Kate Winslet for Best Actress and Mickey Rourke for Best Actor. (It could be Sean Penn, but I’m pulling for the underdog.) WALL-E should get Best Animated Film.

As for the dresses, I’m guessing Angelina Jolie will look absolutely elegant, and while it’s always tough to predict the train wreck outfit of the night, Cameron Diaz is always a safe bet.

We’ll see how right I am at the end of the night.

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  1. Wish i lived in the area I would so invite myself!
    have fun!

  2. I hadn’t even realized the Oscars were underway until an hour had passed. Looks like you got most of your wishes. (Glad I got mine: Sean Penn.)

  3. I have never been an awards type of person, but I can see how a tradition like that would be awesome.

  4. Good for you for getting back to some of the pre-kid traditions! We’re in the same boat…2 kids under 5 and a move… Now, after 4 years of trying to find a balance between who we were before kids and who we are as parents, we’re starting to get into a groove and get back to some of our own pre-kid activities. It’s been delightful…so much so that part of me wonders if I’m absolutely crazy for wanting a third kid! :)

  5. Condo Blues says:

    I had high hopes for Hugh Jackman. He was AMAZING in The Boy From Oz and his singing and dancing were AMAZING during the Oscars. I loved the recession Oscar intro!

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