Haiku Friday: (Lack of) Technical Support

Haiku Friday
Few things in life are
as uber-annoying as
Time Warner Cable

Technical support?
Talk to “Luke”, the guy with an
Indian accent

Back to the very
beginning – “are you sure your
router is turned on?”

More mindless questions -
I think I know more than this
highly trained expert

His conclusion? The
problem is mine, not theirs, so
sorry – have a good day!

My internet still
is wonky – hey WOW cable?
Got any good deals?

We have fought with Time Warner Cable ever since we moved into our house. They are here at least every six months to diagnose a new reason why our internet isn’t working. Our yard has been cut into to run a new line four times now. One tech added a signal booster, another took it away, saying it was illegal now. The modem has been replaced twice, the digital converter box once.

The last tech who came out (after several trans-continental calls to Ian, Steven, and Sandra in India failed to fix the problem) told us that the line was too long, and because the box was so far away from our house, we’ll never get a good signal.

Today, our wireless internet stopped working (nothing had changed with the router), but the router still worked if you connected it to the computer with an ethernet cable. I thought it was a bad router, so we bought a new one, but after setting it up, the same problem happened. How could two routers have the same problem? I explained the entire problem to TW’s tech support, but was informed that because I could get internet with the ethernet cable, it wasn’t their problem, and they wouldn’t investigate further.

I think I’m done with Time Warner. You’ve messed with my wireless internet one too many times, and I don’t take kindly to being cut off from my internet.

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  1. Do you have any other options? I wouldn’t put up with that, especially since you have deadlines for school and for writing reviews.

  2. I have heard of so many people having issues with Time Warner around here. Our neighbors got the cable phone and 3 out of the 7 days of the week it typically doesn’t work. Good luck, see if AT&T has their new high speed internet and cable in your area or maybe WOW, I have heard they are great!

  3. That “line is too long” nonsense sounds really familiar!

  4. Ack. Same kind of situation here over the phone. Silly, silly techs. If it’s all working fine then why can’t I hear on the other end of the line??

    My deep commiserations.

  5. It took WOW around three months and I don’t know how many techs before a guy in a polo and khakis showed up, finally admitted the problem wasn’t our computer, and discovered the squirrel chewed cables outside-and the dead squirrel.
    I’m just sayin’

  6. I have a love/hate with all things inter-webby. can’t live with it…

  7. Hi there, happy to be back for another week of haiku fun. I have a similar hatred of Comcast. It works great, but they charge too much, because they can. They are sliced bread ’round these parts and they know it. Can’t wait for FIOS to make it down this way and give them a little competition.

    Tink *~*~*
    Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* : Sanibel Island, pre-Charlie

  8. I’m totally sorry you’ve had problems with them. I’ve had very few problems with Time Warner Cable. :-| Hope you can find a better solution for you :-D

    Makin’ a Comeback this week :-D

  9. how incredibly frustrating!

  10. Tiffany @ Lattes And Life says:

    We live in a rural are and have a wonky small little ISP….and have so many issues too. It’s so frustrating. They actually just moved their callo center back to the States (from India) so at least I can understand them when I call. But still….worthless help.

  11. T with Honey says:

    I hate to say this but… if Time Warner did not supply or every help you configure your wireless router then technically it isn’t their problem. I know, I know. I’m not being very supportive, am I?

    Well, so far tech support seems to have their diagnostics correct. The Internet connection comes into your house, goes into the modem where the data stream gets translated/separated from the cable feed – Hey! Wake up!!!
    Is this a little too technical and dry?

    Long story short sounds like your router isn’t configured correctly or there’s something blocking or mucking with the wireless signal. Did you recently buy our start using a new wireless device in the house, say a phone, that could be using the same frequency? We had a hard time picking out a baby monitor for that exact reason.

  12. long time no haiku friday. solly and man, this one I can relate to… see also: http://washwords.com/words/2009/snark-v-lark-verizon-v-the-ring/

  13. We had a huge problem with Comcast — the signal was scrambled for an ice-hockey package that we had purchased. I told them to simply re-send the descramble-message – but they insisted on asking me if my TV was plugged in and other stupid things, as though I couldn’t possibly understand.

    (Their sentence began with an exasperated “MA’AM” – since apparently it was my gender that was the issue.)

    They launched into “weather affects the signal” lectures and what-not even though I told them ALL signals were clear except for the special pay channels for which we had PAID. “Please re-send the signal” I kept asking.

    “No, MA’AM, you need to wait out the weather.”

    Husband called: “Please re-send the signal.”

    Response: “No problem, Sir.”

    And it was done.

    And we moved to Direct TV.

  14. We don’t love Insight, but it’s soooo much better than Comcast, which we had in Boston. Soooo much better. We don’t have any signal problems (although sometimes their customer service reps can be pretty catty).

  15. That, my friend, is why we don’t have time warner here. Well, we do, but we use the phone company for our DSL and Dish. Good luck on returning the router.

  16. Condo Blues says:

    We had problems connecting to the Internet if both my husband and I were on line with our computers at the same time. TW determined that it was signal noise and sent a guy out to fix it. So far it’s working.

  17. I hope you can get this figured out. How frustrating!

    This is my first week trying Haiku Friday. What fun!

    P.S. I goofed when entering my link and the first one you’ll see listed is incorrect. Please delete that one. Thanks!

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