Devilishly Good Deviled Eggs

Now that Easter and Passover are finished, I’ve still got a dozen eggs sitting in my fridge waiting for some use. If you saw the dinner I attempted to cook tonight, you’d know that I’m a failure when it comes to turning ingredients into any kind of edible food.

I do love eggs, though, and over a year ago I found a microwave egg cooker that gives me perfect hard boiled eggs. (As I’ve said in the past – if I can microwave it, I will.) But hard boiled eggs can get boring. What I really need to learn is how to make deviled eggs.

There are a thousand recipes for deviled eggs out there. Some use mustard, some mayo – I’ve even seen one with curry. But my favorite deviled eggs are those made by my grandmother.

My grandmother got her recipe from her mother, who probably got it from her mother. It’s one of the most simple deviled egg recipes – my grandmother grew up during the Great Depression, learning to cook with limited resources and supplies. Telling my grandmother that others use mustard or mayo in their deviled eggs will earn you a look of scorn from her as she replies, “What do you need all of that for in your eggs?”

Here it is:

Ingredients –
Hard boiled eggs
Apple-cider vinegar

Directions –
Cut eggs lengthwise and scoop out the yolks. Add some salt & pepper and mash the yolks. Then add equal parts apple-cider vinegar and sugar until the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Scoop the yolk mixture back into the eggs and chill.

That’s it – easy, right? Of course, she has no specific measurements of how much to add of each ingredient, which is why I will never attempt to make them myself. Equal parts means nothing to me, but I’m sure many people could figure it out. These are the best deviled eggs – a little sweet, a little sour, with the full flavor of the egg coming through.

So while I’ll never make them, I’m happy to stuff myself full whenever my grandmother brings a tray to our house. And seeing how we have some eggs to get rid of right now, I might beg her to make some more for me when she visits this week…

What do you do with your leftover eggs from Easter? Parent Bloggers and the American Egg Board want to know your best egg ideas in this week’s blog blast.

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  1. you could make them, I promise… just go little by little, be precise if it makes it easier. Add a teaspoon of sugar then of vinegar and continue until it’s right.
    And also, practice. You might have to either toss a failed attempt or eat it.

  2. I love, love, love deviled eggs. My mom was firmly in the mayo and dry-mustard camp, though. This one sounds yummily different!

  3. I’m sure you could make them =)

    It’s funny how we feel this way about foods our mothers or grandmothers make. Deviled eggs in our family include mustard and bacon, but the foods that really get me are applesauce and potato salad. I think my mother makes the best applesauce in the world and my grandmother makes a mean potato salad. Mmm.

  4. Condo Blues says:

    I crunched up the eggshells and threw them in my flowerbeds. They help repel snails because snail/slugs don’t like to crawl over the sharp edges of the shell and they add a tiny bit of calcum to the soil.

  5. Havent time to share my quirks as the team is on it’s way home but I love that egg recipe [although probably light on the sugar for me as the vinegar will do just fine]

    I’d also like to know what people do with their left over EAster eggs as mine weren’t chilled but left out as decoration so in the end I had to throw them away as I was worried I would poison everybody!

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