I’m finding myself currently stuck in a registered nurse limbo right now. I’ve graduated from nursing school, my clinicals are complete, and yet I still can’t add those two little initials – RN – to the end of my name yet.

After finishing school, nurses are required to pass an exam before they can officially have their license to practice nursing. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, I’d prefer the nurses caring for me were tested independent of their school to make sure they really know what they’re doing.

Right now, somewhere in a stack of papers in the Ohio Board of Nursing office is my application for licensure. I’m not sure where it is in that stack, but I’m hoping it’s somewhere near the top of the stack, waiting to be entered into a computer. Considering I dropped it off in person in early May, I’m really hoping it’s near the top.

As soon as that application is processed, green lights will flash and I’ll be eligible to register for my license exam. I’ve already paid for the exam and entered all of my personal information. The password for the test location selection screen is all I need. Don’t ask how many times I’ve been tempted to enter guesses at the password, hoping that youcantestnow or sexynurse1 or even password might be my key to gaining access.

I’ll admit patience is not a virtue of mine. Each day I visit the database, input my name, and am greeted with “No results found for specified input.” And then I growl, clicking away with a mental note to check again tomorrow.

I need a job. I want a job. I want to start putting the knowledge gained from three (long) years of school to use. But first I need that approval to take the exam. Oh, and I have to pass the exam, too, although strangely I’m not worried about that.

I’m sure the Board of Nursing is busy. There are also several new pop-up nursing schools all over Ohio, churning out new nurses at record numbers. I’m only one of many, many names in that pile of applications. Patience…sigh.

Anyone know how to be patient? And can you tell me quickly?

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  1. I hope it comes through soon! I remember when Josh was waiting for his info for his paramedic stuff so he could test as well. Silly.

  2. I suck at being patient. I hope that you are able to test soon and get out there to find a job you love!

  3. Ugh. I’m not patient either. Although I would love it if it turned out that the password really was sexynurse1.

  4. Can you call and ask them about your app? I would think that there would be some sort of timeline that they would have to stick to so you could test. Although part of me would be afraid that if I called they would find my paperwork and put it at the bottom of the pile.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I talked to someone at the board of nursing today and they are processing May 5 applications. I called them 2 weeks ago and they were on May 1st applications. 14 days to process 4 days worth of applications. The woman told me also that they would not be caught up anytime soon. I sent mine in May 15th. She said maybe around September I would get processed. What a joke!

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