And Knowing Is Half The Battle

Since tomorrow is the big day where I’m getting behind the wheel and making the drive to Chicago, I thought I’d do a small post to let those who I may be meeting in the next 24-48 hours know what to expect when they meet me.

I will stare at your name badge. Even if I’ve known you for four years. I’m lousy with faces and when people change their hair or gain/lose weight, it’s like they’re new people to me. So know that I’m just trying to jog my memory and not staring at your bewbs. Unless you want me to.

Want me to love you forever? Yell my name across the lobby (it makes me feel an eensy-weensie bit important), or come up to me and tell me you read my blog. You’ll see me blush, and know that you just paid me one of the biggest compliments of my life by admitting you read what I write. (This probably goes for many bloggers.)

I suffer from an as-yet-undiscovered condition called BlogHer ADD. It means that in a large crowd of bloggers I get distracted rather easily, and if the room is extremely loud I’m known to zone out and not notice someone right in front of me. If I’m walking past you and don’t notice you if you say hi, grab my arm or something – I’m probably zoned out and need something to focus on.

Speaking of grabbing my arm – I don’t mind people touching me. Some like it, some don’t, but I’m totally a hugger. If you’re not, that’s fine, and I won’t be offended.

I’m a very casual person, so forgive me for any breaches of etiquette.

The dark circles under my eyes don’t necessarily mean I’m tired. I’ve had them all my life – even pics of me at five years old show a kid who looks like she’s been up all night. Pale skin and unfortunate cheekbone structure equals dark circles under the eyes. No amount of concealer can cover it up. However, if you assume I’m tired and offer me a coffee, I’ll still take you up on it.

I’m dressing up for the cocktail parties, and feel free to get a good laugh at me in a dress. I dress up roughly twice a year, which makes me look all kinds of awkward in a dress and heels. The truth is, I LIKE dresses, I just think they’re horribly impractical for everyday life. BlogHer gives me an excuse to be girly, although my hair and makeup will still be style impaired.

Of course everyone will tell you they’re geeky (it is a blogging conference, right?), but I am truly geeky. Ever watched the TV show The Big Bang Theory? I’m Sheldon. OK, maybe I’m not quite Sheldon, but I’m close at times. I’ll admit I’m not very funny, and my wit has a five minute delay. (You know – you think of the perfect witty response to something five minutes after it was said.)

I will talk your ears off given the right topic. Just ask StimeyWhyMommy introduced us last year and I immediately held her hostage at the cocktail party for nearly an hour talking about our kids.

I’m not too proud to admit I LOVE swag. Free stuff is awesome. I love to try out new products, and all of the other little goodies make great gifts for my family.

I’ve never been in a limo before. It’s true. And I just found out I get to ride in one at some point during BlogHer. I’m far too excited than I should probably be about this.

I graduated nursing school in June, and as soon as I take my license exam I’ll be a registered nurse. No, I can’t diagnose that pain in your side, but if you sprain an ankle in your high heels I can help you elevate it and apply ice.

My astrological sign is Gemini/Cancer – I was born on the cusp, leaning towards the Cancer side. Which means I’m normally a fairly quiet person who likes to stay at home, but deep inside I want to be a party girl. BlogHer is satisfying my Gemini desires.

Those of you who have met me before are free to add anything I’ve forgotten, or may not even realize about myself. We should be arriving tomorrow in Chicago mid-afternoon, barring any travel issues. Looking forward to meeting many of you!

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  1. I’m going to start practicing yelling your name right now! (Do y6ou think the flight attendants will mind if I do it on the plane?) –Jan

  2. you forgot that you have a huge heart and are a sweet, kind person. i’m so proud to call you my friend and can’t wait to see you!

  3. I am so yelling your name across the lobby!

  4. Jonn Baca says:

    Christina can also ninja-kick a T-Rex in the head without stretching, and is an asset to any zombie apocolypse. :)

  5. That Jonn Baca knows what he’s talking about! ;o)
    Hope you have insanely insane amounts of fun, and remember enough to tell us all about it!

  6. Condo Blues says:

    If I periodically yell your name in the van while we are carpooling to Chicago and in our hotel room will you love me forever? Or should I reserve the yelling for public hotel spaces like Sally Field in Soapdish? More importantly will you return the favor? :)

    Yes you are funny.

  7. I have not packed. Nothing. Nada. Other than way too many electronics and the cookies. ARGH!

    See you in a few hours!

  8. I’m such a hugger. Wonder how many people I would make uncomfortable at BlogHer? Sigh. Good thing I’m not going :(

  9. Major Bedhead says:

    I guess I should have yelled your name when I saw you. You were immersed in a conversation after the Saturday Birds of a Feather lunch, so I didn’t. Now I’m bummed….

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