I can’t even imagine how much trouble she’ll be when she’s 10. She knows herself, and she knows how to work anyone to her will. Her first day of preschool? Didn’t even whimper when we left — instead she ignored us and set to work making the room her own. When Aaron picked her up, they said she was “sweet” to everyone, and acted as if she’s always been a part of that class.

Mira will rule them all through charm.

PS – Did you catch the Columbus Dispatch article where I (and a handful of other great local mom bloggers) shared our thoughts on the state of mom blogging? No? Go read it!

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  1. You know, I’ve read your posts about how people say that Cordy is the gorgeous one, and Mira looks like your husband. While I agree that Cordy’s gorgeous, I think that Mira really looks like her in this picture, and has her own gorgeousness in full measure.

    That said, yes, you’re in trouble. Heh. And when did she turn into such a big kid??

  2. They are growing up so fast!

  3. Adorable is the word indeed! Love the article in the Dispatch, too. (BTW I’m Janny, and I’m representing my blogs…)

  4. She is SO adorable!

  5. Amelia Sprout says:

    You’re screwed. ;)

    She’s a cutie.

  6. That is so cool that she is so in charge! Great picture of her, she’s adorable.

    And I missed that Dispatch article. Do you think the sponsorship stuff is a getting a bit out of control?

    What did you think of the Columbus Monthly article?

  7. Super cuteness!

  8. A-dorable! So glad the first day went so well. I could have been so lucky. lol

  9. Glad to see a long-time blogger included in the mix in the article. And don’t you sound all cool cand collected?

    As for Mira, yeah, you’re screwed.

  10. She is beautiful, and that monkey on her back? yeah we have one, the best 10.00 I ever spent! also-how nice for you that she adapts so easily!

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