They Tried To Make Me Go To TV Rehab…

…and I said, “No, now pass the remote!”

Here’s how my Monday evening played out:

8:00 pm – Make sure Heroes and House are recording on the Tivo, then Aaron and I rush upstairs to the other TV to turn on How I Met Your Mother.

8:30 pm – Run back downstairs and boot up Aaron’s computer to watch the True Blood finale that we haven’t had a chance to watch until now.

9:30 pm – Back to the upstairs TV again. House and Heroes are two hour premieres tonight, so the Tivo is still tied up downstairs. Watch Big Bang Theory premiere.

10:00 pm – Return to the downstairs again to watch the season opener of Castle.

11:00 pm – Aaron and I have a brief discussion over whether to watch House or Heroes tonight. House wins this time. Fire up the Tivo and watch House. Heroes will have to wait until tomorrow night.

The sad part is, that’s only Monday. You don’t want to know what my Tivo’s schedule looks like for the rest of the week. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we have a dual-tuner. And weekends to catch up.

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  1. Our nights were vaguely similar except that we can’t watch True Blood.

    HIMYM was my favorite of the night. I was all “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” at the end.

  2. I only have one TV that can record two things, so I was stuck! Mercifully, HIMYM was on the internet this morning.

  3. You’re scaring me. Of course, I AM trying to convince the huz that we have to order PVR (our version of Tivo) before Thursday when I risk missing the Gray’s Anatomy premiere.

  4. My husband and I each have our own tivos – we can have 4 things recording at once!

  5. I love September and the start of the new TV season. At the same time, who has the time (or the energy) to keep up with all the new shows?!? Especially with NO Tivo!

    I have resorted to viewing episodes on the network sites – or I’ll catch them later in the season. Lately, they seem to run no more than three new episodes for most of the dramas before they start rerunning them.

  6. Amelia Sprout says:

    I had to give up on House, we can only tape two things at once, and we have to watch one of them. Heroes will wait for the hubby. It jumped the shark for me early last year.

    It is going to be a rough season, but Wednesday looks clear.

  7. LOL! This year I am trying to get into more prime time t.v. I am not sure why, probably because my inner self is ticked that I never have anything to watch on the DVR.

  8. I love, love, love Castle. Oh how I missed Nathan Fillion so…

    Loved that episode, too.

    I’m still swooning.

  9. I never even thought of double-recording on TWO TV’s! I think you’re enabling me…

  10. That was our life before the second TiVo. Oh how I love the TiVo.

  11. Do you know how much I love discovering that other bloggy friends watch as much TV as I do? LOVE IT! We don’t record anything though, we mostly use the internet to watch stuff, which makes it nice for not trying to record too much. We used to have 2 DVRs and a VCR at one point. Total addicts.

  12. I miss TV sometimes. Between work, school, volunteering, and life, about the only TV I watch is random PBS programs on Wednesday nights as I’m eating dinner/socializing with my parents. Otherwise, if it’s not on Netflix or Netflix Instant, I don’t see it!

  13. ME TOO! I am lucky I have 2 tivos and a DVR or I would never see anything. Even as it is I am afraid that some of my favorite shows will get canceled because it can take me several days to watch them.